Tiny Private Demonstration

At the festival Live Art for Børn 2016 at Nordkraft in Aalborg  Daniel Norback and Henrik Vestergaard took Dariusz Fodszcuks work ”Tiny Private Demonstration” as their point of departure for a drop-in workshop with children.


Kids and their parents were asked to consider, together, if they wanted to protest against anything. Or if they wanted more of something else. The topics could be society, school, God, nature, hobbies, food, candy, toys or something entirely different. One child wrote: “Less of everything”.

Then the kids painted a sign. Most added words, but it was mainly an image-demonstration. Some took the sign for a walk in Nordkraft or in the city.

Danish recension: “Børnene bærer på kunsten i hjertet”, October 2016, Torben O. Andersen and Michael Bygballe, Nordjyske Stifttidende.