Klas Eriksson (SE)

Klas Eriksson (SE) Klas Eriksson is educated from the Royal University College of Fine Arts Stockholm. He lives and works in Göteborg. His works are in media such as video, painting, sculpture, installation and performance. In the festival Live Art for Children 2018, he recreates a McDonalds for and with children, where children can take orders and fetch the food in a nearby McDonalds. Children are slow, they waste time on unproductive pursuits and play, ask questions – they are everything, that a hyper efficient, optimized and commercial work market seeks to avoid. Come and have some slow fast food, or be a worker yourself. MC´DONALDS ODENSE. Børn kan forsøge […]

Forschungstheater (DE)

Forschungstheater Kids are explorers of the everyday. For them to light a match can be something extraordinary that needs focus and time and creates an experience. The same is true for everyone who practices Live Art. For us kids are perfect accomplices. And in return Live Art can provide something that is essential to all of us, but especially to kids and their wellbeing: the acknowledgement of their action and their thinking, the reassurance that everything counts, that everything can make a difference, the frame of beauty and reflection and the experience that we can set it up anytime and anywhere we want. As a part of Horsens Happening we established the […]

White on White (SE/DE)

White on White White on White aim is to investigate | criticize | affirm the identificatory process between WHITE audiences and WHITE performers on stage. White on White devotes itself with passion to the sight of the standard on European stages. In alternative to the concept of representation called multiculturalism, the series of the same name meets the question of appropriation/colonization of the so-called stranger with a radically discrete gesture: White on White devotes itself to WHITENESS. In 2009 Malmborg and Schmit launched their first duo work, White on White #1 – the rapyrus. The title refers to the script that was intended to become the script of the evening, […]

Olof Olsson (S/DK)

Olof Olsson At Samtalekøkkenet Olof presented “The history of Disco” At Hitparaden 1 he presented “Driving Blues Away” where we get to follow Bill Gates’ seduction of Olof Olsson’s girlfriend at Delhi and Heathrow airports. And Bill’s life (after extensive plastic surgery) as a pig – eating juicy grass in a mountain valley, and delivering milk to Toblerone (the Swiss triangular tax-free store favourite). In addition, we get the cultural history of chocolate, cola drinks, personal computers, sanitary porcelain, and the garden of Eden. Which (surprise!) all are related to each other– and to Bill Gates. The presentation is marked by Olof’s love and fear of language, creating comedy and […]

Line Skywalker Karlström (S)

Line Skywalker Karlström Line Skywalker Karlström (b. 1971) is a Swedish interdisciplinary artist who uses performance, objects, installation, video and social action as tools to investigate structures in society pertaining to commonality, power, institution, space and body. At Samtalekøkkenet, December 2011, she presented a new work; (leaving) Nest: At Live art for Børn 1 in Nikolaj Kunsthal she showed “Kroppen der stak af” And at Kulstof 15 she performed “Finding the Lesbian Leak at the Louvre” http://lineskykarlstrom.blogspot.dk/

Joakim Stampe (S)

Joakim Stampe Born in 1959, lives and works in Göteborg, Sweden. Being the son of two painters, Joakim Stampe grew up in an artistic environment where art and making art was a natural part of life. Joakim Stampe is basically a storyteller, through the action and the human identification in performance art. For Samtalekøkkenet, November 2012, Joakim performed an action of painting with his boots – and with fire: “Daddy’s flag in Red, White and Fire”. http://www.infractionparis.info/en/infraction-paris-4/artistes/joakim-stampe-sua-de.html

Albin Werle (DK)

Albin Werle Works with Live Art Denmark 2013: Alt_Cph 13 Sleeping in a crowded exhibition space at Alt Cph 13 Albin Werle performs dream archaeology. He plans his dreams in advance and often extracts ideas for drawings and sculptures from them. As part of our performance program for the alternative art fair Alt_Cph 13 he installed a bed in an exhibition booth and exhibited himself sleeping in the middle of the bustling exhibition hall all day long. The video also contains an audience talk with Albin (sorry for the poor sound quality). See more of Albin’s works on his website and Instagram.