Nilas Dumstrei (DK)

Nilas Dumstrei Nilas Dumstrei: Strømmed af ord – performed at Alt_Cph 13 Words come in a constant stream attempting to speak them, disregarding their meaning and history. It is like a trance, but it stems from the numb feeling, everybody knows from looking too long into a computer. Where do the words come from, from inside me? Born in Roskilde, Denmark, 1989 Graduate from  Funen Art Academy, Denmark.

Kristoffer Raasted (DK)

Kristoffer Raasted Kristoffer Raasted investigates the live moment in the field between poetry, visual art and music. He has studied philosophy and is currently, studying at the Art Academy of Copenhagen. Video (below) from Alt_Cph 13 performance  “Opadstræbende Linjer”: At Samtalekøkkenet, October 2013, he performed with Claus Haxholm in “Elektriske Guitarer”:

Albin Werle (DK)

Albin Werle Works with Live Art Denmark 2013: Alt_Cph 13 Sleeping in a crowded exhibition space at Alt Cph 13 Albin Werle performs dream archaeology. He plans his dreams in advance and often extracts ideas for drawings and sculptures from them. As part of our performance program for the alternative art fair Alt_Cph 13 he installed a bed in an exhibition booth and exhibited himself sleeping in the middle of the bustling exhibition hall all day long. The video also contains an audience talk with Albin (sorry for the poor sound quality). See more of Albin’s works on his website and Instagram.

Aaron Williamson (UK)

Aaron Williamson Works with Live Art Danmark 2013: Alt_CPH 13 performance program 2014: Hitparaden 2 “Activating the Wasteland” at Alt_CPH 13 Aaron Williamson collaborated with Live Art Danmark for the first time as part of the performance program for Alt_CPH 13. He showed a site specific, durational piece, “Activating the Wasteland”, that explored an abandoned site on the outskirts of Copenhagen, as a frontier of the city, soon to disappear as it was to be developed with a high rise apartment block. “Institutional Classics” at Hitparaden 2 At Hitparaden 2 he performed “Institutional Classics” with his band Disabled Avant-Garde, that he founded and fronted together with Katherine Araniello. Aaron performed […]