Nilas Dumstrei (DK)

Nilas Dumstrei Nilas Dumstrei: Strømmed af ord – performed at Alt_Cph 13 Words come in a constant stream attempting to speak them, disregarding their meaning and history. It is like a trance, but it stems from the numb feeling, everybody knows from looking too long into a computer. Where do the words come from, from inside me? Born in Roskilde, Denmark, 1989 Graduate from  Funen Art Academy, Denmark.

Kristoffer Raasted (DK)

Kristoffer Raasted Kristoffer Raasted investigates the live moment in the field between poetry, visual art and music. He has studied philosophy and is currently, studying at the Art Academy of Copenhagen. Video (below) from Alt_Cph 13 performance  “Opadstræbende Linjer”: At Samtalekøkkenet, October 2013, he performed with Claus Haxholm in “Elektriske Guitarer”:

Aaron Williamson (UK)

Aaron Williamson Aaron Williamson is an artist whose engagement with performance, objects, place and space is entirely transformed through the experience of becoming profoundly deaf over the course twenty years. Informed by this radical personal alteration, his art practice takes an interdisciplinary approach. At Alt_Cph 13 he performed “Activating the Wasteland”. Hence, his artistic projects remain open to innovation according to circumstance and he has explored working with performance, installation, photography, video, sculpture, text, choreography and digital art – often combining elements within one work. In the last ten years he has created performances, publications, installations and artist’s videos in Britain, Europe, Japan, Greenland, China and North America. At Hitparaden […]