John Huntington

Work for Live Art Danmark
2023 “The Dark Administrator” exhibition, performance and Black Metal (!) at Friisland.

The Dark Administrator
John presented us with a visionary and somewhat scary live performance lecture about bureaucracy and resistance. With the office space as a starting point, the work deals with contemporary humans’ addiction to systematize everything. The performance was presented as a documentary collage of examples, stories and demonstrations, linking everyday frustrations to feelings of powerlessness. Various forms of ritual protective measures were tried and the outlines of an alternative professional role emerged. The work was accompanied by apocalyptic sounds by Swedish musician Dödsvarg. In the following exhibition a variety of traces of ceremonial bureaucratic actions were displayed.

At one of our favorite events so far, Black’Grove band ILLA and Claus Haxholm’s Black Metal project Grev Trold played live.

About the Artist
John Huntington is a conceptual artist who, with various forms of interventions and claims, questions preconceived notions about everyday life, work environments, public institutions and political spaces. In his practice, he explores the borderland between everyday life and art, between individual and institution, between citizens and society, both by himself and as part of the collaborative projects Kanslibyrån & Frihetsförmedlingen.

More can be found on John’s website.

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