Maria Lepistö

Work for Live Art Danmark
2023 “The Animals Were Never Alone III” Exhibition, performance and Howling Workshop at Friisland
2023 Howling Workshop at Live Art for Children.

The Animals Were Never Alone III
Maria opened her amazing exhibition at our project space with a choose-your-own adventure performance lecture about humans, wolves and other animals. The performance could be read as an extension of her wondrous exhibition “The Animals Were Never Alone III”.

Howling Workshop
For the finissage of her exhibition, Maria invited everyone to come and learn to howl like a wolf with herself and voice coach Helle Thun. The howling workshop started with listening to recordings of wolves and analyzing them together. Then the practical part began with a warm up for the voices, and continued with practicing singing skills that aim to help each participant to find their unique way of howling and how to use it in a group to communicate. Finally, participants became each their own wolf in a group hypnosis session, guided by Maria and inspired by the concept of shifting, a mental shift practiced by Therians, people who identify as wolves.

The Howling Workshop was repeated as part of the program of our Live Art for Children festival in the fall of 2023.

About The Artist
Maria Lepistö is a Swedish performance artist who lives in Denmark. Currently, she predominantly works with sound and oral storytelling, mixing science, history, mythology and personal anecdotes. A recurring topic is animal communication; a research that explores otherness identity and embodiment. Working with her own voice and the voices of others, she wants to stretch what language can be and how it manifests inside and between us, in sound, movement, and imitation.

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