Jeannette Ehlers (DK)

Jeannette Ehlers Work for Live Art Danmark 2016: “Black Matter” at Live Art for Børn in Aalborg Black Matter Jeannette Ehlers showed “Black Matter” at Live Art for Børn 2016 in Ålborg. The piece consists of a series of black and white photos, projected on a  screen and eventually, a large balloon that is slowly inflated in front of it. Like brief flashes of memory, moving and changing with the movement of the balloon, images of black struggle, the covers of records by black artists and, most of all, an almost endless stream of portraits of black women and man, flow before the viewers eyes, in the darkened space. The […]

Eilidh MacAskill (UK)

Ivor MacAskill Work with Live Art Denmark2016 Gendersuarus Salon at Live Art for Børn Gendersaurus SalonIvor brought a T-shirt workshop to our children’s festival, conducted together with Carl Michael Richardt and part of the larger Gendersaurus Rex project. Together with their participants, they explored how and what clothes says about who you are. They discussed questions like: What if you cannot choose for yourselves what your clothes say about you? Some clothing stores have not many options – pink for girls, blue for boys, princesses or pirates, flowers or trucks. But colors are just colors and things are just things. So why should our clothes be allowed to decide who […]

Victoria Stanton (CAN)

Victoria Stanton (CA) Work for Live Art Denmark 2018 “Full circle – what goes around comes around” at Live Art for Children Full circle – what goes around comes around To enjoy the taste of a cake from Odense’s best bakery in this performance, you first needed to find a child who would feed you! At the 2018 edition of our festival “Live Art for Children”, Victoria presented the participatory and relational performance “Full circle – what goes around comes around”. Children were tasked with feeding adults, their parents or strangers with different foods. The intimacy of the action provided plenty of food for thought about how our life-long relations […]

Alison Knowles (US)

Alison Knowles Works by Live Art Danmark: 2018 “Proposition #2, Make a Salad” at Live Art for Children Proposition #2, Make a Salad 100 people work together to make a delicious salat! For the 2018 edition of our festival Live Art for Children, we recreated a famous Fluxus work by Alison Knowles. She performed her score Proposition #2, Make a Salad for the first time in London 1962, and we recreated the work in Odense 2018. By mixing and eating more than 100 kg of salad with a large group of adults and children we took a banal, everyday activity out of its everyday context and made it into a […]

Klas Eriksson (SE)

Klas Eriksson Works for Live Art Danmark 2018 “McDonalds Odense” for Live Art for Children McDonalds Odense For our festival Live Art for Children 2018, Klas recreated a McDonalds restaurant, run by and for children. His “McDonalds Odense” was situated 200 meters from the real McDonalds and had the same menu and the same prizes. As orders were placed at the copy, kids would run over to the original and fetch the food. But children are slow, they waste time on unproductive pursuits, play, ask questions – they are everything that a hyper efficient, optimized and commercial multinational company seeks to avoid. In Klas’ installation they demonstrated how to slow […]

50 farlige ting (alle børn bør prøve)

50 farlige ting (alle børn bør prøve) Har du nogensinde lavet mad i en opvaskemaskine? Slikket på et 9 volts batteri? Løftet låget på popcornene, når de popper? Aldrig nogensinde? Så er denne forestilling for dig! Forestillingen undersøger alt det, voksne normalt advarer deres børn imod! Forestillingen bygger på bogen af samme navn ( af Julie Spielger og Gever Tulley) og er skabt af Forschungstheater ved Fundustheater i Hamburg. har købt de danske rettigheder og viser den i en udgave ved Henrik Vestergaard og Daniel Norback. Varighed: 40 min. Alder: fra 4 år  

Dagmar Vestergaard Friis (DK)

Dagmar Vestergaard Friis Works with Live Art Danmark2015 Performer in “Carnation & Quartz”, by Essi Kausalainen, Bästa Biennal, Kristianstad and Ystad, Sweden2016 Performance with Odun Orimolade, COLAB Copenhagen2017 Lead Performer in “The Attitudes of Ida Brun”2018/2019 Performance and sounds for “Sounds like Catastrophes” by Eva Meyer-Keller (DE), Brandts, Odens, CC, Copenhagen2019 Performance in “Mundane Heroics” by Kristoffer Ørum, ANTI festival, Kuopio (FI), Bästa Biennal, Lund (SE) ”Live Art for Børn”, Ålborg (DK). Carnations and QuartzDuring our second Live Art for Kids festival, Dagmar performed this piece with Finnish performance artist  Essi Kausalainen in Kristianstad and Ystad. COLAB CopenhagenDagmar also performed with Nigerian performer Odun Orimolade at NLH project space, in […]

Christopher Kline (US)

Christopher Kline Works with Live Art Danmark2015 “O.K. – The Musical (Run-Through)” at Live Art for Børn 2, Arken, Ishøj. O.K. – The Musical (Run Through)O.K. is an ongoing project based around the history and lore of Kline’s hometown Kinderhook, New York. O.K. synthesizes and expands on Kinderhook’s mythology and attempts to construct a fresh overview of local history through the exposition of historical documents, videos, replicas, interpretive research, and collaborations with local students, craftspeople, filmmakers, and other community members. Central to the overall project is the creation of a community theatre musical which develops and expands through various exhibitions, performances and workshops internationally. The format of a theatre musical […]

Elke Mark (DE)

Elke Mark Work for Live Art Danmark 2015 “ARKENic” at Live Art for Børn 2 ARKENic Elke begins her performance outside the museum space. Through the windows, we see her walking briskly across a deserted sandy construction site, covered head to toe in flowing blueish grey fabric. The image reminds us of a ghost, a witch, or another creature not quite from this world, as she approaches the museum in an almost floating stride, but with a purpose. Once she enters the auditorium, she stands close to the kids and their grown ups in the darkened space. Her robe slowly spreads out and closes, evoking images of a giant breathing […]

Marita Bullmann (DE)

Marita Bullmann Works for Live Art Danmark 2015 “Acid Tears II” and “Foam From a Thousand Beers V” at Live Art for Børn 2 Acid Tears II Marita begins her first performance for our second children’s festival standing very still wrapped head to tow in a blue piece of cloth. Moving very slowly she covers about two thirds of the distance across the gallery before, still in slow motion, she sheds the cloth. She continues towards the center of the space, the contours of her body now clearly visible in tight athletic clothes, with the same slow awkward movements as before. Watching her we are reminded of a strange insect […]