Albin Werle

Works with Live Art Danmark
2013 “Sleeping in a crowded exhibition space” at Alt_Cph 13

Sleeping in a crowded exhibition space
Albin made this performance as part of an ongoing research project he named dream archaeology. For it, he explored ways of planning his dreams in advance, and he often extracted ideas for drawings and sculptures from them afterwards. As part of our performance program for the alternative art fair Alt_Cph 13, Albin installed a bed in an exhibition booth and exhibited himself sleeping and dreaming up new art in the bustling exhibition hall for an entire day.

The video below also contains an audience talk with Albin (sorry for the poor sound quality).

About the Artist
In his project Dream / Archeology Albin made himself dig and look for objects in his dreams, behind the boundaries set by his sleeping brain.
Today, in his work as a visual artist, Albin focusses primarily on making games – interactive artworks that exist in a space between tools and talismans, spells and lullabies. Each game is a compound of images and tactile materials together with oral or written instructions – works of art that are made to be touched, moved, held and turned, sung and pronounced. Along with the objects, players explore philosophical, aesthetic and political possibilities of concepts, materials and patterns of interaction.

See more of Albin’s current work on his website and Instagram.

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