Simon Steen-Andersen

Simon Steen-Andersen Work for Live Art Danmark 2023 “Black Box Music” at Life Art for Children 2023. Black Box Music In Black Box Music, a work by composer Simon Steen Andersen for solo percussion, video and ensemble, it is not the musicians, but rather the hands of the Norwegian conductor Håkon Stene that take the focus on stage. In an otherwise almost completely dark auditorium, where we scarcely see the musiscians, his hands perform in a  Black Box that reminds us of a puppet theatre, and is projected onto the wall above it. Black Box Music is an investigation, deconstruction and rethinking of the role of the conductor in a […]

Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen

Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen Works for Live Art Danmark “Musique de Tables” and “Black Box Music” at Life Art for Children 2023. We felt especially honored that the reknowned national Danish ensemble for new and avantgarde music, Athelas Sinfonietta, came to join our Live Art for Children festival in Copenhagen in 2023. The two pieces they performed, one small, one massive, both made a lasting impression on our audiences with the precision and seriousness, with which they approached slightly bonkers comcepts. Musique de Tables In Thierry de Mey’s piece Musique de tables from 1985, as the name suggests, the table is used as a musical instrument. The work is written for […]

Maria Lepistö

Maria Lepistö Work for Live Art Danmark 2023 “The Animals Were Never Alone III” Exhibition, performance and Howling Workshop at Friisland 2023 Howling Workshop at Live Art for Children. The Animals Were Never Alone III Maria opened her amazing exhibition at our project space with a choose-your-own adventure performance lecture about humans, wolves and other animals. The performance could be read as an extension of her wondrous exhibition “The Animals Were Never Alone III”. Howling Workshop For the finissage of her exhibition, Maria invited everyone to come and learn to howl like a wolf with herself and voice coach Helle Thun. The howling workshop started with listening to recordings of […]


Bananskolen Works for Live Art Danmark 2023 “Danseskolens sublime Parfumer” at Life Art for Children 2023 Danseskolens sublime Parfumer “Bananskolen” is an open school which appears, sometimes surprisingly, in a wide variety of public contexts and claims to blend politics with art. In the emanation that appeared at our Live Art for Kids festival in Copenhagen in the fall of 2023, Bananskolen was a group of predominantly younger artists who taught the willing parts of the public, all ages included, a folk dance of their own invention. About the Artists Bananskolen is an alternative school. Its members are high school students, musicians, activists, and drop-outs. In this school sound is […]

Jeannette Ehlers (DK)

Jeannette Ehlers Work for Live Art Danmark 2016: “Black Matter” at Live Art for Børn in Aalborg Black Matter Jeannette Ehlers showed “Black Matter” at Live Art for Børn 2016 in Ålborg. The piece consists of a series of black and white photos, projected on a  screen and eventually, a large balloon that is slowly inflated in front of it. Like brief flashes of memory, moving and changing with the movement of the balloon, images of black struggle, the covers of records by black artists and, most of all, an almost endless stream of portraits of black women and man, flow before the viewers eyes, in the darkened space. The […]

Heidi Hove (DK)

Heidi Hove Work for Live Art Denmark 2013: Installation for Turku Biennal at the Museum of History & Contemporary Art – Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku, Finland. Installation Heidi Hove was one of three Danish artists whose works we curated for Turku Biennial 2013. For her installation, Heidi Hove was inspired by the past – the archeaological fragments exhibited in Aboa Vetus and two childhood memories. One was a piece of glass which cut her foot with in the garden of her childhood home. The other is about her granddad, a farmer, who collected all the stones he found in the ground. In her installation, Heidi exhibited pieces of […]

50 farlige ting (alle børn bør prøve)

50 farlige ting (alle børn bør prøve) Har du nogensinde lavet mad i en opvaskemaskine? Slikket på et 9 volts batteri? Løftet låget på popcornene, når de popper? Aldrig nogensinde? Så er denne forestilling for dig! Forestillingen undersøger alt det, voksne normalt advarer deres børn imod! Forestillingen bygger på bogen af samme navn ( af Julie Spielger og Gever Tulley) og er skabt af Forschungstheater ved Fundustheater i Hamburg. har købt de danske rettigheder og viser den i en udgave ved Henrik Vestergaard og Daniel Norback. Varighed: 40 min. Alder: fra 4 år  

David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo (CO)

David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo Works for Live Art Danmark 2016 Four Performances for COLAB Copenhagen 2019/2023 “Food DJ” at Life Art for Children 2019 and 2023 2021 “Hot Tub” for One Night Stand, the openning event at Friisland 2022 Two performances form the “Wolt Migrant” project: “Halfway from Denmark to Colombia on a metaphorical bike journey” and “The Finish Line” at Friisland. David Sebastian has been a regular collaborator on Live Art Danmark’s VR Archive of Performance Art and many other projects since 2016. COLAB Copenhagen David Sebastian was one of the international artists contributing to our event COLAB Copenhagen. In his performances, everyday objects like coal or paper boats, […]

Dagmar Vestergaard Friis (DK)

Dagmar Vestergaard Friis Works with Live Art Danmark2015 Performer in “Carnation & Quartz”, by Essi Kausalainen, Bästa Biennal, Kristianstad and Ystad, Sweden2016 Performance with Odun Orimolade, COLAB Copenhagen2017 Lead Performer in “The Attitudes of Ida Brun”2018/2019 Performance and sounds for “Sounds like Catastrophes” by Eva Meyer-Keller (DE), Brandts, Odens, CC, Copenhagen2019 Performance in “Mundane Heroics” by Kristoffer Ørum, ANTI festival, Kuopio (FI), Bästa Biennal, Lund (SE) ”Live Art for Børn”, Ålborg (DK). Carnations and QuartzDuring our second Live Art for Kids festival, Dagmar performed this piece with Finnish performance artist  Essi Kausalainen in Kristianstad and Ystad. COLAB CopenhagenDagmar also performed with Nigerian performer Odun Orimolade at NLH project space, in […]

Peter van der Meijden (NL/DK)

Peter van der Meijden Works with Live Art Danmark 2013 “The Definition of Performativity” at  Samtalekøkken 2016 Residence in collaboration with Ato Malinda at COLAB Copenhagen The Definition of Performativity Peter van Der Meijden presented and performed his performative lecture “The definition of performativity” at Samtalekøkken, illustrating his theses with a re-enactment of Joseph Beuys’ “Sauerkrautpartitur”. With this piece, first performed in Tokyo in 1969, Beuys demonstrated his famous idea that everyone is/should/can be an artist, by randomly arranging bits of Sauerkraut on a music stand to form the score which he then used to conduct an orchestra: Rather than recreate a well known and time honoured score, this one […]