Daniel Norback

Works with Live Art Danmark
2013: “Teheran Mon Amour” at Hitparaden 1, with Norpol
2015: “Dette er ikke en forestilling”, Live Art for Børn at Museum Arken/Ishøj, with Norpol
2016: Samtalekøkken-Moderator at Live Art for Børn in Skåne
2016: Premiere 50 farlige ting at Live Art for Børn Nordkraft, touring ever since, with more than 130 performances in all of Denmark!

50 Farlige Ting
Daniel Norback performs 50 farlige ting, our smash hit for kids who like to take risks, together with Henrik Vestergaard since 2016. More than 130 performances to date, and still going strong.


Photo: Ellen Friis

Samtalekøkken for Kids
In 2015, Daniel moderated four special editions of our Samtalekøkken for kids at our Live Art for Kids in Skåne.

Photo: Ellen Friis

Photo: Ellen Friis

Performances by Norpol
We also presented two wonderful performances which Daniel Daniel directed and performed in with his group Norpol, “Teheran Mon Amour” at Hitparaden 1 in 2013, and “Dette er ikke en forestilling” at Live Art for Børn at Museum Arken/Ishøj.

About the Artist
Daniel Norback is the driving force behind NORPOL where he produces text, concepts and live performances. Elements important for his work are improvisation, politics, art and music. He was part of the group Bidt, which became well known in the alternative theatre scene in København in the late 90s. He also performs in works by other artists, most frequently working with Tue Biering and Jeppe Kristensen (Fix & Foxy Productions), Erik Pold and Adelaide Bentzon (Liminal.dk) and Seimi Nørregaard.
Norback was born on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, but has lived in Copenhagen for many years. He studied at the Nordisk Teaterskole in Aarhus and, before, visual arts in Linköping and theatre theory at Stockholm University.

Read more about Danile and his group Norpol here!

Om liveart_dk

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