Margaret Dragu

Margaret Dragu Works for Live Art Danmark 2022 “The New Akademy of Life and Performance Aktions” at Friisland Live #4 The New Akademy of Life and Performance Aktions We encountered wisdom expressed as small gems of performance art, expressed in a seemingly random sequence of actions, or, as the artists would have it “Aktions”. Margaret Dragu spend a week in Copenhagen in June of 2022 as a resdient guest artist with our friends from B&W Art and Support. Besides participating in two of their “Teach Each Other Mondays” and holding a series of daily open studio events at Forsøgsstationen, she found time to present this work in collaboration with her […]

Miao Jiaxin

Miao Jiaxin Work for Live Art Denmark 2022 Artist in Residency at Friisland, “A German Aufguss Sauna Ritual performed by a Chinese from the US”, live performance, “725 performance”, VR performance, “Chorus of Pulse” performance recipe for Performance Opskrifter. A German Aufguss Sauna Ritual performed by a Chinese from the US We loved this old school performance art piece with the artist engaging in a series of material explorations, including potentially dangerous and unhealthy ones, inviting audience participation, enduriong physically strenuous activities, and creating a giant mess. In March 2022 US-American performance artist Miao Jiaxin was the artist in residence at our project space Friisland. He contributed this live performance […]