Martin O’Brien (UK)

Martin O’Brien Work for Live Art Denmark2014: “Breathe for me”, Samtalekøkken at “It’s about time”, Dansehallerne Breathe for meMartin showed the three hour durational piece “Breathe for me” as part of our Samtalekøkken at “It is about time” at Dansehallerne. “Breathe for Me” considers the nature of the regulated chronically ill body. It began with Martin cutting the shape of lungs onto his chest and performing physiotherapy in order to cough mucus into thirty specimen jars which adorn the edges of the catwalk. This was followed by a number of actions moving up and down a catwalk: wearing a re-breathe hood (BDSM mask for breath restriction), crawling with thirty needles […]

Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (DK)

Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt Work for Live Art Danmark2014 “Zoo” for Now and Again Zoo“Zoo” is an original video which Cecilie created for our series of video performances Now and Again. On screen, we witness Cecilie performing in a living-room, exhibiting the vain need to be remembered. Over two hours in front of the video camera, a time-based portrait unfolds, and an improvised personae emerges from the live situation. With the material edited down to twenty minutes, the performed subjectivity is shaped and consolidated into a contradictory and tamed portrait of the artist as a young woman. Editing and sound are explicitly commenting the act of auto-portraiture as the performance is […]

Daniel Norback (SE/DK)

Daniel Norback Works with Live Art Danmark 2013: “Teheran Mon Amour” at Hitparaden 1, with Norpol 2015: “Dette er ikke en forestilling”, Live Art for Børn at Museum Arken/Ishøj, with Norpol 2016: Samtalekøkken-Moderator at Live Art for Børn in Skåne 2016: Premiere 50 farlige ting at Live Art for Børn Nordkraft, touring ever since, with more than 130 performances in all of Denmark! 50 Farlige Ting Daniel Norback performs 50 farlige ting, our smash hit for kids who like to take risks, together with Henrik Vestergaard since 2016. More than 130 performances to date, and still going strong. Samtalekøkken for Kids In 2015, Daniel moderated four special editions of our […]

Signa (DK)

Signa Works for Live Art Danmark 2012 Workshop for Samtalekøkken 2014 DJ set at Hitparaden 2 Workshop at Statens Teaterskole In 2012 Signa offered a workshop introducing some of the students of Statens Teaterskole to their work and working methods. A presentation of the results was part of the program of one of our Samtalekøkken events. DJ Set In 2014 Signa contributed a DJ set with spectacular visuals – including poledancing – to our second Hitparaden festival of international theatre. About the Artists SIGNA  is a Copenhagen based artistic collective founded by Signa & Arthur Köstler. Developed since 2001 from performances by Signa Sørensen (now Köstler), the fundamental concept of […]

And many Others

Other guests: Francesca Romana Ciardi (IT), Thomas Dambo (DK), Nebahat Erpolat (AU),  Anders Benmouyal (DK), Peter Rørbæk (DK), Chez Debs (DK), Rachel Dowle (UK), Black Note (DK/FR), Julian Maynard Smith (UK), Zlatko Buric (DK), Nils Grøndahl (DK), DJ Jazzfrans & Odine (DK), Peter Tinning (DK), Louis Keidan (UK), Martin O´Brien (UK), Christine Borch (DK), Carsten Friberg (DK), Horwitz & Hess (DE), Svend E Kristensen (DK), Morten Koefoed (DK), Kathrine Karlsen (DK), Johanna Linsley (UK), Alex Eisenberg (UK), Diana Damian (UK), Maddy Costa (UK),  Rachel Lois Clapham (UK), Ida Marie Hede Bertelsen (DK), Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld (DK), Christine Fentz (DK), Værkstedet Værst (DK), Why Be (DK), Sune Petersen/Motorsaw (DK), Robert Kuzborski (DK), Alberto Lomas (ES), […]

Adam Young (UK)

Adam Young Work with Live Art Danmark 2015 Skype Performance for Samtalekøkken, Royal Theatre School, Copenhagen. Skype Performance On the sixth of June 2015, Adam Young performed at one of our Samtalekøkken events which was held at the Royal Theater School in Copenhagen. Or actually he didn’t. He performed somewhere near a park in Leeds. His performance was broadcasted live via Skype to our event. During Adam’s performance, the young acting students fell completely silent. Many of them literally sat with open mouths: they had never seen anything like this before! The rest of us just watched a good performance. Adam chewed a whole packet of chewing gum and worked […]

Örn Alexander Ámundason (IS)

Örn Alexander Ámundason Works for Live Art Denmark 2012 “Chews” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Speculations on the Impact of Kurt Cobain” at Samtalekøkken 2015 “Smear” at Live art for Kids 2 2017 “Smear” at Live Art for Børn S/H 2021 “Chews” recreation for the Nordic edition of Playing Up. Chews Örn Alexander performed “Chews” at Samtalekøkken in December 2012. In a witty if slightly disgusting comment on processes of art production, he produced sculptural portraits of our audience by throroughly chewing cookies. For the first time in his performance work, he invited members of the audience to join him, and eight people accepted. Equipped with packets of biscuits, latex gloves and […]

Vinyl Terror and Horror (DK/DE)

Vinyl Terror and Horror Work for Live Art Denmark 2012 Concert for Samtalekøkken Concert In Februar 2012, Vinyl Terror and Horror gave a concert at Samtalekøkken. In the video we see Camilla and Greta, the members of Vinyl Terror and Horror, bathed in uncanny red light, working concentratedly behind an impressive array of electronics connected by cobwebs of cables. So far, just what you would expect from an experimental sound performance. But wait! These aren’t really electronics they are manipulating. They are actually old analogue record players in differrnt states of disembowelment, rebuilt to emit fragments of sounds and rhythms that were not pressed onto the records they spin. Apropriately, […]

Ulla Hvejsel (DK)

Ulla Hvejsel Works for Live Art Denmark 2011 “A Speech to the Silent Majority” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Talking Out of My Ass” at Live Art for Børn 1 2016 “Talking Out of My Ass” at Live Art for Børn 3 2022 “Trickle Down Economy” at Friisland Live #5 A Speech to the Silent Majority Ulla presented her performance lecture “A Speech to the Silent Majority” at Samtalekøkken. Following the example of a mythological Danish queen named Kraka, she attempted to “speak without actually saying anything at all”. She then speaks quite a lot as she launches into a smart and humorous tour of examples for silences in art and history, […]

Trine Mee Sook Gleerup (DK)

Trine Mee Sook Gleerup Work for Live Art Denmark 2011 “The Fool 1/22″ at Samtalekøkken The Fool 1/22 Trine started her performance of the “The Fool 1/22″ at Samtalekøkken in February 2011 by announcing that this would possibly be the first of 22 performances all based on the historical and mythological figure of the fool. She then launched into a lengthy explanation of the role of the court jester in ancient Europe and continued to work her way through a printed manuscript she held in her hand, reading aloud a long series of fool stories in a calm and almost flat voice. Calmly and unexcitedly as it had begun and […]