Örn Alexander Ámundason (IS)

Örn Alexander Ámundason Örn Alexander Ámundason is an icelandic performance artist, who lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. He produces humoristic and powerful images with simple means, and is also influenced by the old icelandic traditions of singing/song-writing. He performed “Chews” at Samtalekøkkenet, December 2012, modelling sculptures of guests out of cookies, that he munched live. He performed a performance lecture about Kurt Cobain at Samtalekøkkenet, April 2014. He also performed the work “Smear” at Live art for Kids in Kristianstad  Oct 31st and Ystad, Nov 1st 2015. After the performance we asked the kids to draw the performance as a starting point for discussion At Live Art for Børn S/H he showed […]

Vinyl Terror and Horror (DK/DE)

Vinyl Terror and Horror Vinyl Terror and Horror is a collaboration between Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen. Our approach to music starts from a visual and sculptural practice. Turntable deconstruction and rearrangement of the vinyl media in all imaginative ways is an essential part of our music. We are working in the field of cinematic soundscapes with a high tolerance level of possible hi- fi disasters . At Samtalekøkkenet Februar 2012, Vinyl Terror and Horror gave a concert: http://www.vinylterrorandhorror.com

Ulla Hvejsel (DK)

Ulla Hvejsel Ulla Hvejsel is a visual artist working interdisciplinary and experimentally with theatre, film, parenthood, performance, television, journalism, and self deceit. At the first Live Art for Børn festival in 2014, kids could ask questions to Ulla’s naked butt inserted in a background copied from frescos in Danish churches from the 14th century. She was invited again for Live Art for Børn 2016 in Ålborg. This time, children could compete in a quiz against the ass. “The ass is a complicated body part, and for that reason it may be able to give new complicated answers to the old complicated questions.” http://www.talkingoutofmyass.com/ For Samtalekøkkenet, February 2011, she presented: “A […]

White on White (SE/DE)

White on White White on White aim is to investigate | criticize | affirm the identificatory process between WHITE audiences and WHITE performers on stage. White on White devotes itself with passion to the sight of the standard on European stages. In alternative to the concept of representation called multiculturalism, the series of the same name meets the question of appropriation/colonization of the so-called stranger with a radically discrete gesture: White on White devotes itself to WHITENESS. In 2009 Malmborg and Schmit launched their first duo work, White on White #1 – the rapyrus. The title refers to the script that was intended to become the script of the evening, […]

Trine Mee Sook Gleerup (DK)

Trine Mee Sook Gleerup Trine Mee Sook Gleerup is a visual artist working within installation, text and performance. Deeply invested in historical, national and political tendencies her artistic performance-based methodology also questions the politics and history of performance art itself. Trine Mee Sook Gleerup performed the “The Fool 1/22″ at Samtalekøkkenet February 2011:   http://www.trinemeesook.net

Tomas Lagermand Lundme (DK)

Tomas Lagermand Lundme Tomas Lagermand Lundme is educated from the Royal Art Academy in 2002. During his studies, he also crossed the writers schoon (Forfatterskolen), which is mirrored in his works as a writer of novels and for the newspapers. He touches several disciplines as a writer of novels for adults and kids, for the news, writer of radio plays, as a photographer and performance-, video- and visual artist. However, the diciplines are not sharply seperated but crossing eachothers and intervowen in new ways. At Samtalekøkkenet, February 2013, in an investigation of presence in a situation with an audience: “A is for Ape…”. With the actor Casper Sloth:   http://www.tomaslagermandlundme.dk/

Thomas Martius (DE)

Thomas Martius Thomas Martius presented”LAS VENICE” together with Andrzej Wirth at Berliner Luft 2 5. – 6. APRIL 2005 Artistic Collaborator Director, performance- and video- artist, writer, stage-designer. Resides in Berlin, Germany. Leaving a career in business behind, turned to performance art in 1988. Graduated from the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, Germany, 1994. Independent artist since then. Teacher of Video Arts at Freie Universität Berlin, 1996-present. Various “artist in residencies” and scholarships, such as Emily Harvey Foundation (Venice, Italy), Brown Foundation Fellows Program (Dora Maar House, France), Watermill Center (NY, USA). Martius has more than a hundred international performances, theater-projects and videos to his credit. please visit http://www.lasvenice.de/ for much […]