Veronika Mayer (AT)

Veronika Mayer Work for Live Art Denmark 2012 “Tangency” at Salon Saloon Tangency “Tangency” was the title of the soundpiece that Veronika performed together with Christine Schörkhuber for Salon Saloon, a series of intimate performances, presented in our living room. The sound art duo used contact microphones to amplify the sounds of the space, bringing to live our walls and lamps, and their own bodies. About the Artist Veronika Mayer is a freelance composer, musician and sound artist living in Vienna. Her works include instrumental and electroacoustic compositions, sound installations and performances with live electronics. She is active as an electronic improviser, performing solo and in different collaborations, as well […]

Örn Alexander Ámundason (IS)

Örn Alexander Ámundason Works for Live Art Denmark 2012 “Chews” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Speculations on the Impact of Kurt Cobain” at Samtalekøkken 2015 “Smear” at Live art for Kids 2 2017 “Smear” at Live Art for Børn S/H 2021 “Chews” recreation for the Nordic edition of Playing Up. Chews Örn Alexander performed “Chews” at Samtalekøkken in December 2012. In a witty if slightly disgusting comment on processes of art production, he produced sculptural portraits of our audience by throroughly chewing cookies. For the first time in his performance work, he invited members of the audience to join him, and eight people accepted. Equipped with packets of biscuits, latex gloves and […]

Vinyl Terror and Horror (DK/DE)

Vinyl Terror and Horror Work for Live Art Denmark 2012 Concert for Samtalekøkken Concert In Februar 2012, Vinyl Terror and Horror gave a concert at Samtalekøkken. In the video we see Camilla and Greta, the members of Vinyl Terror and Horror, bathed in uncanny red light, working concentratedly behind an impressive array of electronics connected by cobwebs of cables. So far, just what you would expect from an experimental sound performance. But wait! These aren’t really electronics they are manipulating. They are actually old analogue record players in differrnt states of disembowelment, rebuilt to emit fragments of sounds and rhythms that were not pressed onto the records they spin. Apropriately, […]

Ulla Hvejsel (DK)

Ulla Hvejsel Works for Live Art Denmark 2011 “A Speech to the Silent Majority” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Talking Out of My Ass” at Live Art for Børn 1 2016 “Talking Out of My Ass” at Live Art for Børn 3 2022 “Trickle Down Economy” at Friisland Live #5 A Speech to the Silent Majority Ulla presented her performance lecture “A Speech to the Silent Majority” at Samtalekøkken. Following the example of a mythological Danish queen named Kraka, she attempted to “speak without actually saying anything at all”. She then speaks quite a lot as she launches into a smart and humorous tour of examples for silences in art and history, […]

White on White (SE/DE)

White on White Work for Live Art Denmark 2013 White on White: # 3 and #5 at Hitparaden 1 White on White: # 3 – a Non-controversial Shit in the Blackbox and # 5 – All Those Beautiful Boyz White on White, a duo comprised of Swedish actor-performer Iggy Malmborg and German actor-director Johannes Schmit, aims to investigate, criticize and/or affirm the identificatory process between white audiences and white performers on stage. At our first Hitparaden festival, White on White showed two parts of their performance-theater series. In part number three – a non-controversial shit in the blackbox – they took laxatives while speaking about theory and embarassment: Why is […]

Trine Mee Sook Gleerup (DK)

Trine Mee Sook Gleerup Work for Live Art Denmark 2011 “The Fool 1/22″ at Samtalekøkken The Fool 1/22 Trine started her performance of the “The Fool 1/22″ at Samtalekøkken in February 2011 by announcing that this would possibly be the first of 22 performances all based on the historical and mythological figure of the fool. She then launched into a lengthy explanation of the role of the court jester in ancient Europe and continued to work her way through a printed manuscript she held in her hand, reading aloud a long series of fool stories in a calm and almost flat voice. Calmly and unexcitedly as it had begun and […]

Tone Avenstroup (NO/DE)

Tone Avenstroup Work with Live Art Denmark 2007 “This is not a love song #3” at Berliner Luft 3 This is not a love song “This is not a love song # 3”, the performance that Berlin based Norwegian artist and poet Tone Avenstroup brought to Berliner Luft 3  in 2007, presented a meditation on love and its obstacles in the form of a classical material exploration performance art piece combined with some old school media, including slides. The white walls around the stage constantly had words from the lyrics of love songs projected on them. The title giving hit single by Public Image Ltd. fascinated Tone by its obvious […]

Tomas Lagermand Lundme (DK)

Tomas Lagermand Lundme Work for Live Art Denmark 2013 “A is for Abe” at Samtalekøkken, with Caspar Sloth. A is for Abe Tomas’ contribution to our Samtalekøkkenet in February 2013 was a performative reading of his book, ”A for abe og b for bavian – Nationalmuseets alfabet” from 2012. It was read by actor Casper Sloth, while Tomas sat next to him, staring. For Tomas, the reading was an investigation of presence in a situation with an audience present. About the Artist Tomas Lagermand Lundme received his artistic education at the Royal Art Academy of Denmark, graduating in 2002. During his studies, he also attended the writer’s school (Forfatterskolen), which […]

Tim Driver (DK)

Tim Driver Work with Live Art Denmark 2013 DJ Set for Hitparaden 1 About the Artist As well as being part of Denmark’s award winning OHOI! crew and director of the annual mega event RAW in Copenhagen, Tim has a long history of DJ’ing. Coming from early nineties Rave music, Detroit Techno and the Wild Pitch sounds of New York and Chicago, his musical choices of today include a wide-ranging mix of bass heavy genres from UK Garage/House to Drum & Bass. This website is about the activities of OHOI, and here is Tim’s personal soundcloud.

Thomas Martius (DE)

Thomas Martius Work for Live Art Denmark 2005 “Las Venice” with Andrzej Wirth at Berliner Luft 2. Las Venice In their “Essayistic Video Performance” Las Venice, reknowned cultural critic Andrzej Wirth and videomaker and performance artist Thomas Martius embark on a philosophical investigation of the “original” city of Venice and its replica, the casinohotel “The Venetian” in Las Vegas. For their performance at Hitparaden 1, Andrzej and Thomas performed a live conversation in the light of a multi channel projection of the video essay that added an entertaining and enlightening extra layer of content to the complex structure of the video work. About the Artist Thomas is a theatre director, […]