Joakim Stampe

Work for Live Art Danmark
2012 “Daddy’s Flag in Red, White and Fire” at Samtalekøkken

Daddy’s Flag in Red, White and Fire
After moving the audience to positions he desires, Joakim unfolds a large red cloth. Loud opera music plays while he places a bucket of white paint on the cloth, dips his foot in it and proceeds to mark the two white lines of the Danish flag by walking the length of the cloth. With the Danish flag completed, he moves to a piece of brown paper attached to one wall of the space, and paints on it with an invisible fluid. The lights go out, he sets fire to the paper, and the rough outline of a face appears. As the lights come up, they reveal the paper charred in the same outline. Joakim wraps a garbage bag around his painting foot, so as not to stain the floor, bows and leaves.

About the Artist
Born in 1959, Joakim lives and works in Göteborg, Sweden. Being the son of two painters, Joakim Stampe grew up in an artistic environment where art and making art was a natural part of life. Joakim Stampe is basically a storyteller, through the action and the human identification in performance art.

For images of some of his work, see this website.

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