Olof Olsson

At Samtalekøkkenet Olof presented “The history of Disco”

At Hitparaden 1 he presented “Driving Blues Away” where we get to follow Bill Gates’ seduction of Olof Olsson’s girlfriend at Delhi and Heathrow airports. And Bill’s life (after extensive plastic surgery) as a pig – eating juicy grass in a mountain valley, and delivering milk to Toblerone (the Swiss triangular tax-free store favourite).

In addition, we get the cultural history of chocolate, cola drinks, personal computers, sanitary porcelain, and the garden of Eden. Which (surprise!) all are related to each other– and to Bill Gates.

The presentation is marked by Olof’s love and fear of language, creating comedy and poetry alike – and something to think about. In four-five-six words: it’s stand-up for brains.

Olof also presented a 90 minute longer version of “Driving Blues Away” at Kulstof 15



In Between these he made the video “1864/1946”




Om liveart_dk

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