Maria Lepistö

Maria Lepistö Work for Live Art Danmark 2023 “The Animals Were Never Alone III” Exhibition, performance and Howling Workshop at Friisland 2023 Howling Workshop at Live Art for Children. The Animals Were Never Alone III Maria opened her amazing exhibition at our project space with a choose-your-own adventure performance lecture about humans, wolves and other animals. The performance could be read as an extension of her wondrous exhibition “The Animals Were Never Alone III”. Howling Workshop For the finissage of her exhibition, Maria invited everyone to come and learn to howl like a wolf with herself and voice coach Helle Thun. The howling workshop started with listening to recordings of […]

John Huntington

John Huntington Work for Live Art Danmark 2023 “The Dark Administrator” exhibition, performance and Black Metal (!) at Friisland. The Dark Administrator John presented us with a visionary and somewhat scary live performance lecture about bureaucracy and resistance. With the office space as a starting point, the work deals with contemporary humans’ addiction to systematize everything. The performance was presented as a documentary collage of examples, stories and demonstrations, linking everyday frustrations to feelings of powerlessness. Various forms of ritual protective measures were tried and the outlines of an alternative professional role emerged. The work was accompanied by apocalyptic sounds by Swedish musician Dödsvarg. In the following exhibition a variety […]

Esther Ferrer

Esther Ferrer Works for Live Art Danmark 2022 “Performance Art Theory and Practice” and artist’s talk at Friisland Live. Performance Art Theory and Practice We felt honored when Esther Ferrer was one of two true legends of European performance art who followed our invitation to perform at our project space Friisland in March 2022 (the other one was Boris Nieslony). In both her performance and a lecture about her work, Esther took us on fascinating journeys through her long and illustruous career as a performer and thinker of performance art. She presented examples of solo performances as well as large scale sound works, like when she conducted a large group […]