Mette Kit Jensen (DK)

Mette Kit Jensen Work for Live Art Danmark 2013 “Fortællinger fra lukkede rum” at Hitparaden 1 Fortællinger fra lukkede rum At our first Hitparaden festival, Mette performed the performance lecture that can be seen in the video below, in Danish. One point of reference for the work is the German 19th century writer Karl May, famous for writing numerous adventure stories set in the Wild West and other colonised regions of the world. But she also took the audience into the rather bizarre world of the Native American reenactment camps that existed in the GDR. These, she claimed, were so popular because spending time there was mostly an excuse for […]

Melanie Jame Wolf (AU)

Melanie Jame Wolf Work for Live Art Danmark 2013 “This Time You’re Winning” at Hitparaden 1 This Time You’re Winning In her performance “This Time You’re Winning”, Melanie Jame offered multiple audiences of one spectator each an opportunity to say what they had always wanted to say, but hadn’t. She elaborated: “You may have been carrying these words from an old argument, or a recent embarrassment. Perhaps they are for a lover, new or remembered. Or perhaps they are for a nemesis or a friend. Perhaps it happened yesterday. Or perhaps these words have been traveling restlessly beside you for many years or sleepless nights.” This Time You’re Winning offered […]

Mark Harvey (NZ)

Mark Harvey Works with Live Art Danmark 2012 “Home Renovation” at Salon Saloon 2014 “Welcome Stop” and “Forward and Back” at Hitparaden 2 2016 “Entrance Party” and “Pssst” (with Leena Kela) at Live Art for Børn Home Renovation Salon Saloon was a series of performance events we organised at our home in the Vestrerbro district of Copenhagen. Mark’s first performance for Live Art Denmark was a site specific series of endurance based performative actions, marking a path through our apartment, all in close proximity to the audience. His entrance was especially memorable, when, lying on his stomach, he used a pair of toilet plungers to pull himself through the different […]

Karl Stampes (SE/DK)

Karl Stampes Works with Live Art Denmark 2003 “Radarmen from the Moon” aboard the Stubnitz 2012 “Ben, Rør og Stampes” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Karl Stampes Project” at Hitparaden 2 Radarmen from the Moon Karl Stampes and Henrik Vestergaard formed the band “Radarmen from the moon”. They played at “Looking for Johnny”, a performance club with music and live art on board the motorship Stubnitz. Ben, Rør og Stampes Karl performed at Samtalekøkkenet he performed with the band “Ben, Rør og Stampes”. Band members Anders Benmouyal, Peter Rørbæk and Karl Stampes develop new instruments and play on a variety of media, investigating the boundaries of art institutions in order to open […]

Klaus B (DK)

Klaus B Work for Live Art Danmark 2013 DJ at Hitparaden 1 DJ Legendary hardcore DJ Klaus B played a couple of DJ sets at Hitparaden 1. About the Artist Klaus B has frequented the darkest corners of the Copenhagen House and Techno underground since the late 1980’s. While trends have come and gone, Klaus B continuously strived for new ideas and at the same time maintained his stable musical base. His wide-spread knowledge of a multitude of genres, not least the global Hardcore scene, enables him to permanently incorporate new musical currents into his repertoire. In addition to almost 27 years of experience as a DJ, event maker, booker, […]

Jörn Burmester Wium (DE/DK)

Jörn Burmester Wium Works with Live Art Danmark 2009 “My Last Performance” for the launch of our book about the Berliner Luft festivals 2011 DIVA Artist in residence, “Performance Art is live, Theatre ist Death” 2011 “Random Rants”, Acts festival Roskilde 2011 “Rambo Revisionist” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Teotwawki” and presentation of Performer Stammtisch at Hitparaden 2 Jörn is a permanent collaborator of Live Art Denmark as a consultant and writer. My Last Performance When we presented the book about our four Berliner Luft festivals at Warehouse 9 in November 2009, Jörn performed  “My Last Performance”. Reading from 200 index cards what “this, his last performance” should or should not contain, explore, […]

Julie Andree T. (CA)

Julie Andrée T Work for Live Art Danmark 2013 “Nature Morte” for Hitparaden 1 Nature Morte Julie works with a small array of visually striking materials. A large piece of drywall painted red, blue paint and her signature blue sticks among them. Most amazing is a collection of small bones. We seem to recognize a monkey’s hand, maybe a cat’s torso. She connects the bones to build a kind of fetish that is attached to the red drywall. Using a length of rope that runs through the rig on the ceiling of the theatre, she struggles to lift the heavy board, which seems to weigh roughly as much as the […]

Hector Canonge (BO)

Hector Canonge 2013 “Sur” and “Hombre de Barrio” at Hitparaden 1 Sur Hector Canonge’s piece “Sur” was a multimedia performance evoking the southern skies of Latin America and the present conditions of plurinationalism in the continent by celebrating an ritual that included dry earth, several costume changes, and bondage using ribbons in the Argentinian national colors. Youtube was so concerned about your innocence that it won’t let you watch the documentation here. You have to be 18 and go to their page. Hambre de Barro/Man of Clay Hector’s second performance for Hitparaden 1 took place in public space. Dressed all in black with a pretty tie, he proceeds to cover […]

Gwendoline Robin (BE)

Gwendoline Robin Works for Live Art Denmark 2013 2 performances for Hitparaden 1. Performance 1 Exposing her body to fire and explosives is probably the part of Gwendoline’s work that she is most known for. The image below, photographed by Malle Madsen, was taken exactly in the most explosive moment of Gwendoline’s first performance at our festival Hitparaden 1. Standing on a metal staircase outside the festival venue, covered head to toe in a diy safety suit, her body is briefly lit up by a series of explosions. In a second image, fire quickly and menacingly creeps up the stairs along a lit fuse, until it again reaches the performer’s […]

Frans Jacobi (DK)

Frans Jacobi Works for Live Art Denmark 2011 “Silent Stand” at Samtalekøkkenet. 2014 “Goldman” at Hitparaden 2. Silent Stand For Samtalekøkkenet in April 2011, Frans directed and performed in the group performance “Silent Stand” from his performance series “The Aesthetics of Resistance”. A rather shabby mummy and several other figures, including a group of predominantly white bellydancers, silently move through a number of tableaux, while a disembodied female voice connects the images they produce to events of the political uprising going on at the time in Egypt. Introducing Goldman In this solo-performance, Frans Jacobi becomes ‘Goldman’, a figure that obviously is meant to symbolize the elusive powerstructures of global economy. […]