Melanie Jame Wolf

Work for Live Art Danmark
2013 “This Time You’re Winning” at Hitparaden 1

This Time You’re Winning
In her performance “This Time You’re Winning”, Melanie Jame offered multiple audiences of one spectator each an opportunity to say what they had always wanted to say, but hadn’t. She elaborated: “You may have been carrying these words from an old argument, or a recent embarrassment. Perhaps they are for a lover, new or remembered. Or perhaps they are for a nemesis or a friend. Perhaps it happened yesterday. Or perhaps these words have been traveling restlessly beside you for many years or sleepless nights.”

Photo: Peter Lind

Photo: Peter Lind

This Time You’re Winning offered audiences the chance to finally say those words and have them heard. Within their individual consultation, Melanie Jame would give them the opportunity to recall their words, to revise them, to revisit their space or somewhere similar and record them. From there the once silent words found their way into history after all, and can be heard on this video.

About the Artist
Melanie Jame Wolf is an Australian born artist currently based in Berlin. She works solo and with friends, making interdisciplinary pieces about flows of immaterial capital: social, cultural, and affective. She examines these economies and entanglements through projects for theater, gallery, and screen spaces. 

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