Victoria Stanton (CAN)

Victoria Stanton (CA) Work for Live Art Denmark 2018 “Full circle – what goes around comes around” at Live Art for Children Full circle – what goes around comes around To enjoy the taste of a cake from Odense’s best bakery in this performance, you first needed to find a child who would feed you! At the 2018 edition of our festival “Live Art for Children”, Victoria presented the participatory and relational performance “Full circle – what goes around comes around”. Children were tasked with feeding adults, their parents or strangers with different foods. The intimacy of the action provided plenty of food for thought about how our life-long relations […]

Black Market International

Black Market International Work with Live Art Danmark 2015 Group performance at Kulstof 15, Nordkraft, Aalborg Group Performance For a long durational performance, the artists who collectively perform under the legendary moniker of Black Market International took over the vast hall of the culture centre Nordkraft in the Danish city of Aalborg, a former coal fired power plant. Starting with a selection from their huge archive of helpful objects and action-images, amassed in more than 30 yeas of common practice, they quietly set out to act and interact, shape the atmosphere and temperature of the space for the given time of six hours. As always with Black Market, there was […]

Myriam Laplante (CA/IT)

Myriam Laplante Work for Live Art Danmark 2015 “The Phenomenology of Doubt” and group performance with Black Market International at Kulstof 15 The Phenomenology of Doubt Myriam performs in front of a blackboard with a piece of chalk attached to its center with a piece of string. She writes the word “doubt” in the highest point the chalk will reach, followed by “art” and “universe” in the lower left and right segments, roughly where the 4 and 8 would be on the face of a clock. She then completes the circle until it reads “the phenomenology of doubt in the post-material universe of contemporary performance art through the study of […]

Mammalian Diving Reflex (CA)

Mammalian Diving Reflex Works with Live Art Danmark 2014 “Haircuts by Children” at Live Art for Children 1 2018 “Eat the Street” at Live Art for Children 5 Haircuts by Children We presented the Canadian performance group Mammalian Diving Reflex for the first time in 2014 at out first Live Art for Børn festival in Copenhagen. They brought one of their signature pieces, Haircuts by Children. The piece does exactly what the title promises: a group of children is given a crash course in hairdressing and run a salon where they offer free haircuts to members of the public. In the lovingly designed shop, adults (and other children) tested their […]

Julie Andree T. (CA)

Julie Andrée T Work for Live Art Danmark 2013 “Nature Morte” for Hitparaden 1 Nature Morte Julie works with a small array of visually striking materials. A large piece of drywall painted red, blue paint and her signature blue sticks among them. Most amazing is a collection of small bones. We seem to recognize a monkey’s hand, maybe a cat’s torso. She connects the bones to build a kind of fetish that is attached to the red drywall. Using a length of rope that runs through the rig on the ceiling of the theatre, she struggles to lift the heavy board, which seems to weigh roughly as much as the […]