D Tiberio (US)

D Tiberio Works for Live Art Danmark2013, concert at Hitparaden 1 DJ, producer and muscian D Tiberio from Los Angeles played a set at our festival Hitparaden 1. Here are some of his newer tracks for your listening pleasure: About the ArtistD Tiberio is a skateboarder, producer and artist and from the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. His music has been released on Brownswood Recordings and primarily on Timetable Records, where Tiberio also contributes artwork and creative direction. Find him on Soundcloud here.

Ellen Friis (DK)

Ellen Friis Works with Live Art Danmark Ellen is one of the founders and directors of Live Art Danmark and takes part in developing and producing all projects of our company. Her personal artistic contributions to our various programs include: 2007 “The Evidence” at Berliner Luft 3 2012 “Six Saints: Lene Vestergaard Hau” at Samtalekøkken at Kunsthal Nikolaj 2013 “Six Saints: Tycho Brahe and Six Saints: H.C.Ørsted” at Hitparaden 1 2014 “Still-life (after Wilhelm Bendz)” for Now and Again 2017 “Ida Bruns Attituder” at Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen The Evidence At Berliner Luft 3 Ellen presented the first version of her performance “The Evidence”. Inspired by a sentence she read in […]

Norpol (DK/SE)

NORPOL Works with Live Art Danmark 2013 “Teheran Mon Amour” at Hitparaden 1 2015 “Dette er ikke en forestilling” at Live Art for Børn 2 Teheran Mon Amour Norpol performed their take of Margarite Duras’ famous “Hiroshima Mon Amour” at Hitparaden 1, as a performance about the situation of homosexual men in Iran today. It opens with the screening of a re-make of one of the greatest love stories on film: ”Hiroshima, mon amour”. But instead of a French woman and a Japanese man, two men – one Scandinavian, one Persian – are cast in the leading roles. Just like in the original, we never learn how they met, as […]

Dariusz Fodzcuk (PL)

Dariusz Fodzcuk Works with Live Art Danmark 2013 Artist in residence with Live Art Danmark 2013 TTT for Samtalekøkken in Nikolaj Kunsthal 2013 3 Performances for Hitparaden 1. TTT While in residency with Live Art Denmark in 2013 for some months, Dariusz participated in several of our events. TTT was the title of a participative performance Daniel presented at Samtalekøkken in Nicolai Kunsthal. He opened by greeting each spectator personally, asking them for their names and handing out clear plastic bags. The ensuing performance consisted of a series of actions, and all involved one, several or all members of the audience. Constantly talking, running, touching people, he invited them to […]

Sort+Munck (DK)

Sort+Munck Work for Live Art Danmark2013 “No. 9” at Hitparaden 1 No. 9The performance “No. 9”, also known in some sources under the title “I am here for you”, took place in the men’s room of Pumpehuset, the venue of both of our Hitparaden festivals. Camilla Sort, dressed in a long white wedding dress, had her face covered in meat and tried to stand uncomfortably close to audience members. About the ArtistsSort+Munck is an artistic duo based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Artists Camilla Sort and Ole Werner Munck set out to disturb each other and create an adequate amount of disruption to their surroundings. Most of their work is site specific […]

Christian Falsnaes (DK/DE)

Christian Falsnaes Works for Live Art Danmark 2011 Performance Lecture, Samtalekøkkenet 2013 “Fulfilling Your Expectations”, Hitparaden 1 2014 “Existing Things (2010)” at Samtalekøkken/Madhouse Helsinki 2014 “Now and Then” video performance for Now and Again 2019/21 “Surface Memory” as part of Playing Up Performance Lecture For our Samtalekøkken, Christian improvised a performance lecture about two of his own performances, which he presented on video. The first performance, a collaboration with the Zurich based Danish artist Søren Berner, was called “First Person”.  The performers lead small groups of audience through an abandoned building and confront them close up with a wild mix of text, physical action and video projection. The audience, as […]

Christopher Hewitt (UK)

Christopher Hewitt Works with Live Art Danmark 2007 Performance Art Juke Box at Berliner Luft 3 Since 2010 Video documentation of Samtalekøkken 2012 Critical summary of performances at Samtalekøkken, Nikolaj Tower Session, CPH 2013/14 Video documentation of both Hitparaden Festivals. Christopher has been one of our most valuable collaborators over the years. Next to being one of the best and most experienced video documentarists in the field, he has continuoiusly assisted Live Art Denmark in building our network for the performative arts in Denmark and far beyond by generously sharing his knowledge and experience. Performance Art Jukebox Christopher opens his laptop and via a projection allows us a glimpse of […]

Anya Liftig (US)

Anya Liftig Work for Live Art Danmark 2013 “Bad Salad” at Hitparaden 1 Bad Salad There’s a long line of performances that deal with human-animal relationships and cross-collaboration in Anya’s work . For her 10 minute performance in the courtyard of the venue of both Hitparaden, Pumpehuset in the center of Copenhagen, she expanded the scope of her often intimate relations with non-human organisms to the ingredients of a salad. Emitting sounds of fear and pain she shredded a head of iceberg lettuce, a bunch of carrots and various other vegetables using no tools, but her hands, teeth and other parts of her body. Her ferocious action transformed the usually […]

Anaïs Héraud (FR)

Anaïs Héraud Works for Live Art Danmark 2013 “Dawdle” at Hitparaden 1 DawdleIn English, to “dawdle” means to move aimlessly. The pronunciation is somewhat similar to the french word “dodeliner”, to nod one’s head slowly from one side to the other, like when following the rhythm of a song. Anaïs made a series of performances all titled “Dawdle”. Each is a performative mind-map of desire. In the the captivatingly slow development of the Copenhagen edition, her body dialogues with materials like cinder blocks and dawdling dildos, and in the end she buries love songs in soil. Anaïs explains: “For this performance, I’m working with erotic objects of mass production. I […]

Andre Stitt (UK)

Andre Stitt Work for Live Art Danmark2013 “Amnesia” at Hitparaden 1 Amnesia The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty supply the commentary.”Schopenhauer “There’ll be people dying in this town who have never fucking died before”Stitt Using spoken word, text, sound and projected image Andre Stitt reflected on the place of performance art in his life. From his childhood and the civil conflict in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to a life spent travelling and making art around the world, Stitt considered how memory and recall, allegory, communal narrative, conflict, codes and myth inform the present. Using a microphone and projected images, he created a monologue interspersed […]