Julie Andree T

Her performance at Hitparaden 1 is part of a series of performances called Nature Morte. She explores the concept of landscape and death, the change of scenary” and the simulation. Even if the body is the center of her process, visual poetry and a pictorial approach resonate through the time line of the work.

Julie Andrée T.’s installations and performance works have been shown in Canada, U.S.A, South America, Asia and Europe. She was part of PME, and experimental theater company directed by Jacob Wren. She has collaborated with various people like choreographers and theater directors. Since 2003 she has been part of the performance group Black Market International.

Julie Andrée T. was from 2008 to 20011 guest artist Faculty at the School of museum of Fine Arts in Boston (USA) where she was teaching performance art. An occasional curator, she is part of the programming comity of Inter/Lieu (Quebec city) an artist run center dedicated to performance and installation.


Om liveart_dk

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