Julie Andrée T

Work for Live Art Danmark
2013 “Nature Morte” for Hitparaden 1

Nature Morte
Julie works with a small array of visually striking materials. A large piece of drywall painted red, blue paint and her signature blue sticks among them. Most amazing is a collection of small bones. We seem to recognize a monkey’s hand, maybe a cat’s torso. She connects the bones to build a kind of fetish that is attached to the red drywall. Using a length of rope that runs through the rig on the ceiling of the theatre, she struggles to lift the heavy board, which seems to weigh roughly as much as the performer, from the ground, swearing and panting with frustration and exhaustion. Finally the board breaks into two pieces, the smaller one is effortlessly lifted.

This very physical, dark and sometimes funny work is part of an ongoing series of performances all titled Nature Morte, French for still life. In them, Julie explores the concepts of landscape and death, the change of scenery and the idea of simulation. Although her own body is always at the center of her process, visual poetry and a pictorial approach resonate through the time line of the work.

About the Artist
Julie Andrée T.’s installations and performance works have been shown in Canada, the USA, South America, Asia and Europe. She was part of PME, and experimental theater company directed by Jacob Wren and has collaborated with various people, including choreographers and theater directors. Since 2003 she has been a member of the performance collective Black Market International.

From 2008 to 2011, Julie was a guest artist faculty member at the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (USA) where she taught performance art. An occasional curator, she is part of the programming committee of Inter/Lieu in Quebec City, an artist run center dedicated to performance and installation.

Although Julie does not seem to run a website, her works can be found in many places online, among them her personal page on the Black Market blog. She also runs a vimeo channel.



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