Karl Stampes

Works with Live Art Denmark
2003 “Radarmen from the Moon” aboard the Stubnitz
2012 “Ben, Rør og Stampes” at Samtalekøkken
2014 “Karl Stampes Project” at Hitparaden 2

Radarmen from the Moon
Karl Stampes and Henrik Vestergaard formed the band “Radarmen from the moon”. They played at “Looking for Johnny”, a performance club with music and live art on board the motorship Stubnitz.

Ben, Rør og Stampes
Karl performed at Samtalekøkkenet he performed with the band “Ben, Rør og Stampes”. Band members Anders Benmouyal, Peter Rørbæk and Karl Stampes develop new instruments and play on a variety of media, investigating the boundaries of art institutions in order to open up new possibilities for different and exciting ways of presenting art.

Karl Stampes Project
At Hitparaden 2 Karl presented yet another band, Karl Stampes Project. This time he was joined by Peter Tinning. Karl Stampes Project is an artist driven laboratory with its main interests in arts, music, mechanics, digital behavior, electronic circuiting and animation, playing in a unique style known as Drum’n’Booze.

Soon to come: More info on this website (still under construction in July 2021).

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