Signa (DK)

Signa Works for Live Art Danmark 2012 Workshop for Samtalekøkken 2014 DJ set at Hitparaden 2 Workshop at Statens Teaterskole In 2012 Signa offered a workshop introducing some of the students of Statens Teaterskole to their work and working methods. A presentation of the results was part of the program of one of our Samtalekøkken events. DJ Set In 2014 Signa contributed a DJ set with spectacular visuals – including poledancing – to our second Hitparaden festival of international theatre. About the Artists SIGNA  is a Copenhagen based artistic collective founded by Signa & Arthur Köstler. Developed since 2001 from performances by Signa Sørensen (now Köstler), the fundamental concept of […]

Christine Overvad Hansen (DK)

Christine Overvad Hansen Works for Live Art Danmark 2014 “In Search of Seductive Powers” at Hitparaden 2. In Search of Seductive Powers Christine enters the performance area, in an open courtyard of Pumpehuset, and approaches a sofa that has previously been installed there. Or is it a sofa? What at first glance seems to be a common piece of furniture, turns ut to be a large array of carefully crafted and sewn artefacts. The artist proceeds to matter of factly disassemble the sofa. Its cushions turn out to be bags containing materials she uses to transform the sofa into a machine that maybe conducts the search for seductive powers in […]

Louise Orwin (UK)

Louise Orwin Works with Live Art Danmark 2014 “Humiliation Piece” at Hitparaden 2 2016 “Pretty Ugly” at Live Art for Kids 3 Humiliation Piece “Humiliation Piece” is a one-woman show which puts the private world of a female masochist into the excruciatingly public arena of the theatre. Comic, awkward, and at times frightening, the performance asks what exactly an audience wants to see on stage, and challenges what we think of as ‘entertaining’ in performance. Louise performed “Humiliation Piece” at our Hitparaden 2 festival. Pretty Ugly Pretty Ugly originally started its life as a YouTube experiment. After noticing a world-wide trend of teenage girls posting videos asking viewers to rate […]

Mark Boombastik (DE)

Mark Boombastik Works for Live Art Danmark 2014 Concert and performance “Teotwawki” at Hitparaden 2 Concert What could you possibly say about a concert by Mark Boombastik? He is the only experimental beat boxer we know. Listen, learn and enjoy. Teotwawki At Hitparaden 2, Mark also performed with Jörn J. Burmester and Florian Feigl in Teotwawki. The trio presented a dark performance about the prepper movement, exploring human behaviour under extreme circumstances with the means of performance art on a theatrical stage. The audience was hearded into a fenced of encampment, a large black wheel of fortune determined which catastrophes – from climate change to zombie apocalypse – would befall […]

Claus Ejner (DK)

Claus Ejner Works for Live Art Danmark 2014: “Performance om det at være til”, Hitparaden 1 Performance om det at være til Claus Ejner spoke Danish and wrote in Danish on the posters he used throughout his performance at Hitparaden 1 festival. The title might be translated as “Performance on what will be”. He began standing on stage motionless with a poster around his neck stating that he is normal and that this is a performance that deals with locking out the outside world. He remains motionless for some minutes, fingers stuffed in his ears. He then worked his way through a series of microperformances, each resulting in a still […]

Søren Krag (DK)

Søren Krag Work for Live Art Denmark 2014 “Nu(?)” at Hitparaden 2 Nu(?) Søren brought some friends along for his performance “Nu(?)” at our second Hitparaden festival of international performance art. On a screen in the back of the small stage, a wild chain of video associations was projected, while the performers in the foreground remained half obscure in the half light. Phantastic costume creations and kitsch props clashed with snippets of documentary film from the Iraq war, until finally the screen is taken over by a performer in a monster mask, rolling in a bathtub and crying for his mom. A disturbing tour de force of images and sounds. […]

Mathias Tornvig (DK)

Mathias Tornvig Work for Live Art Danmark 2014 “Maraudered marallal-lal’lalallal…” at Hitparaden 2 Maraudered Marallat-lal’lalallal… The title of this performance that Mathias created for our second Hitparaden festival was actually much longer. The first picture below displays it in its entire length. If this seems slightly confusing, the artist delivers a typewritten protocol, describing in detail what he plans to do: After collecting contributions from festival goers, fellow artists and random passers by, Mathias dives into a furios live performance, using a threadbare stand up comedy setting. That is: himself and a mikrophone on stage. It looked like this: Just in case everything should still not be completely clear by […]

Ayaka Okutsu (JP)

Ayaka Okutsu Works for Live Art Danmark 2014 “EL-O”, two performances for Hitparaden 2, with Stina Hasse and Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath EL-O Group Performance The performance EL-O that Ayaka created for our performance art festival was realised in collaboration with Stina Hasse and Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath. Dressed in lab coats like old school scientists, the performers set out to raise awareness for the electromagnetic signals that surround us everywhere, in the air we breathe as well as in the things we touch. Because normally we cannot see, hear or feel electromagnetic signals, the performers converted the signals into light and sound, making their beauty accessible for human senses. EL-O Solo The second […]

Panoply Performance Laboratory (US)

Panoply Performance Laboratory Work for Live Art Danmark 2013 “Any Size Mirror is a Dictator” at Hitparaden 1 Any Size Mirror is a Dictator For our first Hitparaden festival, the Brooklyn/New Yor based performance company Panoply Performance Laboratory, in their own words “actualized a framework from their current long-form social performance in progress, Any Size Mirror is a Dictator, a relational opera of refractions and “inaccurate” reflections”. Performing outside on a rainy night in Copenhagen, Valerie Kuehne, Brian McCorkle and Esther Neff transformed the complex theoretical theorems of their personal libretti into weird, striking images, involving the audience into micro rituals, performed with everyday objects like a ketchup bottle and a […]

And many Others

Other guests: Francesca Romana Ciardi (IT), Thomas Dambo (DK), Nebahat Erpolat (AU),  Anders Benmouyal (DK), Peter Rørbæk (DK), Chez Debs (DK), Rachel Dowle (UK), Black Note (DK/FR), Julian Maynard Smith (UK), Zlatko Buric (DK), Nils Grøndahl (DK), DJ Jazzfrans & Odine (DK), Peter Tinning (DK), Louis Keidan (UK), Martin O´Brien (UK), Christine Borch (DK), Carsten Friberg (DK), Horwitz & Hess (DE), Svend E Kristensen (DK), Morten Koefoed (DK), Kathrine Karlsen (DK), Johanna Linsley (UK), Alex Eisenberg (UK), Diana Damian (UK), Maddy Costa (UK),  Rachel Lois Clapham (UK), Ida Marie Hede Bertelsen (DK), Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld (DK), Christine Fentz (DK), Værkstedet Værst (DK), Why Be (DK), Sune Petersen/Motorsaw (DK), Robert Kuzborski (DK), Alberto Lomas (ES), […]