Klaus B

Work for Live Art Danmark
2013 DJ at Hitparaden 1

Legendary hardcore DJ Klaus B played a couple of DJ sets at Hitparaden 1.

Videostill: Christopher Hewitt

Videostill: Christopher Hewitt

About the Artist
Klaus B has frequented the darkest corners of the Copenhagen House and Techno underground since the late 1980’s. While trends have come and gone, Klaus B continuously strived for new ideas and at the same time maintained his stable musical base. His wide-spread knowledge of a multitude of genres, not least the global Hardcore scene, enables him to permanently incorporate new musical currents into his repertoire.

In addition to almost 27 years of experience as a DJ, event maker, booker, reviewer and much more, Klaus is also one half of Københardcore.

Follow Klaus B.s and Københardcore’s activities on Facebook and on kbhc.dk.

Om liveart_dk

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