Veronika Mayer (AT)

Veronika Mayer Work for Live Art Denmark 2012 “Tangency” at Salon Saloon Tangency “Tangency” was the title of the soundpiece that Veronika performed together with Christine Schörkhuber for Salon Saloon, a series of intimate performances, presented in our living room. The sound art duo used contact microphones to amplify the sounds of the space, bringing to live our walls and lamps, and their own bodies. About the Artist Veronika Mayer is a freelance composer, musician and sound artist living in Vienna. Her works include instrumental and electroacoustic compositions, sound installations and performances with live electronics. She is active as an electronic improviser, performing solo and in different collaborations, as well […]

Random People (UK/DE)

Random People Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 Presentation of the group at Salon Saloon Presentation Daniel Ladnar and Esther Pilkington from Random People presented some of their performative works in our living room. About the Artists random people was founded by Daniel Ladnar and Esther Pilkington in Aberystwyth in 2007 as a platform for collaborative projects in the field of performance. Currently, random people are based in Hamburg. In 2013, they co-founded to produce interventionist and participatory television projects. For many years and many projects, they have also worked closely with the collective Geheimagentur. Collaboration for them is not only a mode of production, but always also an […]

Platform (FI)

Platform Work with Live Art Danmark 2012 Presentation of Platform’s work at Salon Saloon Work Presentation Members of the Finnish artist run initiative Platform presented their project at Salon Saloon in our living room. In their project room, they run a program that includes artist residencies, exhibitions and the publication of a wide range of artistic projects in their home town of Vasa. About the Artists Platform is an artist-run initiative founded in the year of 2000. Platform holds a project room and a residency programme in Vasa, Finland. The aim of Platform is to promote, show and be part of producing international contemporary art. Their events have periodically been […]

Nicole Garneau (US)

Nicole Garneau Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 “Uprising” at Salon Saloon Uprising Nicole travelled large parts of Europe with her performance series Uprising, which aims to spread and rehearse revolutionary practices. In April 2012 she visited us in our livingroom to be part of our performance salon Salon Saloon. In this particular version of Uprising, Nicole talked about a textile workers strike in the United States in the 19th century, and made all participants study the labels of their clothes to find out where they had been made to make a connection to the present day. In the garment industry, we learned, working conditions are still poor in many […]

Mark Harvey (NZ)

Mark Harvey Works with Live Art Danmark 2012 “Home Renovation” at Salon Saloon 2014 “Welcome Stop” and “Forward and Back” at Hitparaden 2 2016 “Entrance Party” and “Pssst” (with Leena Kela) at Live Art for Børn Home Renovation Salon Saloon was a series of performance events we organised at our home in the Vestrerbro district of Copenhagen. Mark’s first performance for Live Art Denmark was a site specific series of endurance based performative actions, marking a path through our apartment, all in close proximity to the audience. His entrance was especially memorable, when, lying on his stomach, he used a pair of toilet plungers to pull himself through the different […]

Christine Schörkhuber (AT)

Christine Schörkhuber Works for Live Art Danmark 2012 “Tangency” at Salon Saloon. Tangency Salon Saloon was a series of performances we curated in our living room. For their sound piece “Tangency”, Christine Schörkhuber and Veronika Mayer used contact mikrophones to make the sounds of the space, our walls and lamps, and their own bodies audible. About the Artist Born in 1982, studied video/videoinstallation at the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna. She works as installation artist, musician, video producer and organizer. Interested in interdisciplinary crossovers in soundart, visual art, collective operating processes and in political context, she also works as a member of the management board of  IG Kultur Austria […]