French & Mottershead (UK)

French & Mottershead Work for Live Art Denmark 2014 “Afterlife” at Hitparaden 2. Afterlife UK-based artists Rebecca French and Andrew Mottershead presented Afterlife at Hitparaden 2. The immersive performance was part of a series of works reflecting on the death of the body and its relationship to place and time. Lying on a towel on a wooden deck, each audience member equipped with a mp3 player, the work consisted of an audio narrative that invited listeners on a poetic journey beyond their own death, and through the natural processes of decomposition in a woodland setting, compressing decades into minutes. The development of the work was supported by Cifas, Brussels. About […]

White on White (SE/DE)

White on White Work for Live Art Denmark 2013 White on White: # 3 and #5 at Hitparaden 1 White on White: # 3 – a Non-controversial Shit in the Blackbox and # 5 – All Those Beautiful Boyz White on White, a duo comprised of Swedish actor-performer Iggy Malmborg and German actor-director Johannes Schmit, aims to investigate, criticize and/or affirm the identificatory process between white audiences and white performers on stage. At our first Hitparaden festival, White on White showed two parts of their performance-theater series. In part number three – a non-controversial shit in the blackbox – they took laxatives while speaking about theory and embarassment: Why is […]

Tim Driver (DK)

Tim Driver Work with Live Art Denmark 2013 DJ Set for Hitparaden 1 About the Artist As well as being part of Denmark’s award winning OHOI! crew and director of the annual mega event RAW in Copenhagen, Tim has a long history of DJ’ing. Coming from early nineties Rave music, Detroit Techno and the Wild Pitch sounds of New York and Chicago, his musical choices of today include a wide-ranging mix of bass heavy genres from UK Garage/House to Drum & Bass. This website is about the activities of OHOI, and here is Tim’s personal soundcloud.

Stuart Lynch (AU/DK)

Stuart Lynch Works for Live Art Danmark2011 Performance at Samtalekøkken2013 “Lynch Concert” at Hitparaden 1 Performance at SamtalekøkkenFor one of our Samtalekøkken events in 2011, Stuart performed a monologue piece, in which he impersonates a Texan minister, the devil, and baby Jesus, at times several of them at once. Lynch ConcertStuart brought his “Lynch Concert” to our first Hitparaden festival. In this virtuoso showcase, he amazes his audience by demonstrating some incredible things that can be done with the human voice. In earlier collaborations with the makers of Live Art Denmark, Stuart Lynch took part in the celebration of Antonin Artaud in 1995 and the performance program “Looking for Johnny” […]

Sian Robinson Davies (UK)

Siân Robinson Davies Works for Live Art Danmark2011 “Expectations” at Samtalekøkken2014 DIVA residency, Stand Up performances ExpectationsWe’re going to start with some assumptions,because that’s where we always start.However, we will try to get further,even if all we end up with is lies and nonsense.At Samtalekøkkenet in November 2011, Siân presented “Expectations”. Dressed as a clown, she asked the audience about their expectations of “performance art” in general, and her performance in particular, and then proceeded to try to fulfill them. The performance was reviewed in the renowned Danish newspaper Politiken by Henrik Vesterberg. The review “Free salon offers soup and wood snail porn” can be found here.  Stand Up PerformancesIn […]

Robin Deacon (UK/US)

Robin Deacon Works for Live Art Danmark 2011 “The Argument against the Body” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “White Balance: A History of Video” and “Spectacle: A Portrait of Stuart Sherman” at Hitparaden 2 The Argument against the Body Robin Deacon performed “The Argument against the Body” at Samtalekøkken in Warehouse 9 in February 2011. It was a complex meditation on the ancient mind-body dualism, one of the oldest and utterly unsolvable philosophical conundrums: What am I, my mind or my body? Robin applied the question to the relationship between performer and audience. An entertaining and very smart lecture performance, the video of which can only be seen at Youtube, because there […]

Peter Holmgaard (DK)

Peter Holmgård Works for Live Art Danmark 2006 Performance on the Stubnitz 2014 “Den Psykoseje Skattejagd” at Live Art for Børn 1 2014 “Spektaklet i Studiestræde” at Hitparaden 2 Performance In 2006, Live Art Danmark organised a performance art club with music and live art on board the motorship Stubnitz, then moored in Copenhagen. The program was called “Looking for Johnny”, and Peter participated in it with a live performance. Den Psykoseje Skattejagd During our first Live Art for Kids festival, Peter took a group of children and their grown ups on a treasure hunt through the small back rooms and scary dark corridors of Nikolaj Konsthal. Hidden along the […]

Peter Lind (DK)

Peter Lind Works with Live Art Danmark 2013 Performance photography and exhibition at Hitparaden 1 2014 Performance photography at Hitparaden 2 2015 Performance photography at Kulstof 15 Performance Photography We worked with Peter as our resident photographer at both Hitparaden festivals and Kulstof 15. You will find many of his pictures throughout these artist’s pages and other sections of this website. At the first Hitparade he exhibited pictures taken in the framework of his work “When everything is over ….” About the Artist Peter is a photographer and visual artist based in Copenhagen. His work is based on documentary observations, and stands at the crossroads of conceptual photography, installation and […]

Valerie Kuehne (US)

Valerie Kuehne Work for Live Art Denmark 2013 Concert-Performance for Hitparaden 1 Concert-Performance It is not easy to describe the work of Valerie Kuehne. Just go to Youtube, go to full screen and enjoy the ride. This furios performance begins with the description of the Gravitron, a scary carnival ride, and continues with a song about the same ride, which in turn begins with a recreation of what one must feel like taking the ride, performed on the cello. All this happens in the first 3 1/2 minutes of her show, and it gets ever wilder after that. About the Artist Valerie is a cross-pollinated work of chaos. Fusing together […]

Olof Olsson (S/DK)

Olof Olsson Works for Live Art Danmark 2012 “The History of Disco” at Samtalekøkken 2013 “Driving the Blues Away” at Hitparaden 1 2014 “1864/1946” for Now and Again 2015 “Driving the Blues Away” at Kulstof 15 The History of Disco After playing music for about half an hour, placing an order of drinks (black coffee and Club Mate) through an audience member, chatting with that audience member for a while, as well as digressions about travelling, psychoanalysis and Venezolean bank machine frauds, Olof begins his performance lecture at around minute 52. He begins it not by talking about Disco, but by talking about the Swing Kids, an oppositional movement of […]