Phace & Misanthrop (DE)

Phace & Misanthrop Work for Live Art Danmark 2014 Phace & Misanthrop played a set at Hitparaden 2 About the Artists Phace and Misanthrop are Drum and Bass Producers and DJs from Germany. They collaborate as Neosignal. Phace and Misanthrop both have entries on Wikipedia. Phace’s is in English, Misanthrop’s is only available in German. Neosignal has a website with many more links. Of course they are on Soundcloud: Listen to Phace, Misanthrop, or Neosignal.

Nieves Correa and Abel Loureda (ES)

Nieves Correa and Abel Loureda Work for Live Art Danmark Nieves Correa and Abel Loureda performed “Babia” at Hitparaden 2 Babia In Spanish, the phrase “to be in Babia” expresses to be absent minded, a dreamer.  It refers to the Babia Valley, where centuries ago the kings of León went to escape their monarchical tasks. The title is a well chosen, the performance indeed has a somnambulistic quality. In a darkened space, the audience sit in a circle around a small, brightly lit area, a red suitcase in the middle of it. Nieves and Abel, both naked, move around somewhere on the fringes of the circle, interacting with the audience. Muffled laughter, […]

Vaida Tamoševičiūtė (LT)

Vaida Tamoševičiūtė Work for Live Art Denmark 2014 “A Piece of my Heart” at Hitparaden 2 A piece of my heart In her outdoor performance, Vaida lies naked on the dirty ground of a courtyard of the venue. She slowly inflates a rubber beach ball designed as a model of earth, and then proceeds to, just as slowly, cut the deflated ball into small pieces with a razor blade. Due to nudity, the video of the performance was age restricted by Youtube and can not be shared here. To view, please use this link. Quite a while after we put the video online, something weird and wonderful happened. It became […]

Jack Catling (UK)

Jack Catling Works for Live Art Denmark 2014 “Remnant” and “Disabled Avant Garde” at Hitparaden 2. Remnant Jack Catling begins his performance at Hitparaden 2 standing on a small, messy stage at Pumpehuset, wearing a black suit and dangling an apple on a string from a small stick he is holding. The performer in a rumpled black suit, staring intensely at the apple, might be a frozen image from a slightly scary forgotten children’s game. He just stands, eying the apple, sometimes tugging at the collar of his white shirt, just long enough for the situation to feel a little uncomfortable. Suddenly he begins to simultaneously belt out Frank Sinatra’s […]

Katherine Areniello (UK)

Katherine Araniello Works with Live Art Danmark 2014 “Institutional Classics” with the “Disabled Avant Garde” and “The Feral Ladykillers” with Jenna Finch at Hitparaden 2 Institutional Classics For Institutional Classics the Disabled Avant Garde mimic the format of a death metal concert replete with distorted feedback guitar and tambourine. The stars of the show, Katherine Araniello and Aaron Williamson take center stage, their faces covered in KISS-like make up and surrounded by their band of musicians. The DAG take on day-centre standards such as ‘Ten in The Bed (Rollover)’, ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Skip to my Lou’, with the melodies heavily distorted into a very weird free form […]

Disabled Avant-Garde

Disabled Avant Garde Works with Live Art Danmark 2014 “Institutional Classics” at Hitparaden 2 Institutional Classics The performance “Institutional Classics” mimics the format of a pop concert, with the stars of the show, Katherine Araniello and Aaron Williamson taking center stage with their faces covered in black and white make up reminiscent of the style the band KISS uses, and surrounded by their band of musicians. Their program consists mostly of rather long versions of classic children’s songs like “The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round” or “Old McDonald Had a Farm”, with the melodies heavily distorted into a very weird free form of punk, because Aaron, the […]

Simon Raven (UK)

Simon Raven Work for Live Art Danmark 2014 “Blackguards” at Hitparaden 2, with Jenna Finch Blackguard “In all great houses, but particularly in the royal residences, there were a number of mean and dirty dependants, whose office it was to attend the sculleries etc. Of these (for in the lowest deep there was a lower still) the most forlorn wretches seem to have been selected to carry coals to the kitchens. To this smutty regiment… the people, in derision, gave the name of black-guards” (Ben Johnson, ‘Love Restored’, 1612) Blackguard (pronounced blaggard) is a rather old-fashioned term for a scoundrel. The lowest-of-the-low in a traditional royal household, the black-guard was […]

Jenna Finch (UK)

Jenna Finch Works with Live Art Denmark 2014 Jenna appeared in several performances during Hitparaden 2 Blackguards Together with Simon Raven, she performed “Blackguards”. The term derives from a derisive term for the lowest of the low servants in a royal household, the ones who had to carry coal to the kitchens. The term was later used as an insult. With social and economic inequality currently reaching new, extraordinary proportions, Jenna Finch and Simon Raven re-visited the images of the Blackguard by ineffectually guarding lowly objects at the festival entrance. The Feral Lady Killers Jenna joined Katherine Araniello to perform “The Feral Lady Killers”. While loud music was blasting from […]

Kate Mahony (UK)

Kate Mahony Works with Live Art Danmark 2014 “Foley” and several musical performances at Hitparaden 2 Foley Sampling traces its roots back to the technical experiments and manipulations of musicians and artists in the 1940s, finding its popular realisations in hip hop, electronic dance and industrial music of the 70s and 80s. In this hilarious performance, Kate presents a very low tech version of sampling. Entering the stage with a large plastic bag full of everyday objects that she brings out one at a time, she first crudely imitates the sound the objects make with her voice, than demonstrates the original sound by using (or, in some cases, abusing) the […]

Joaquin Zaragoza (DK)

Joaquin Zaragoza Work for Live Art Danmark 2014 “Bombardino” at Hitparaden 2 Bombardino The bombardino or euphonium is a brass instrument and close relative of the tuba, but slightly smaller. It covers the tenor tone range, whereas the tuba is firmly rooted in the bass. One of these rather rare instruments is the center piece of Joaquin’s performance installation for Hitparaden 2. This one is equipped with several small mikes that the artist produces a series of scratchy noise sounds with, before actually improvising on the instrument. Visuals are supplied by small photoscreens attached to the bombardino and a larger projection which doubles as the light source for the work. […]