Peter Holmgård

Works for Live Art Danmark
2006 Performance on the Stubnitz
2014 “Den Psykoseje Skattejagd” at Live Art for Børn 1
2014 “Spektaklet i Studiestræde” at Hitparaden 2

In 2006, Live Art Danmark organised a performance art club with music and live art on board the motorship Stubnitz, then moored in Copenhagen. The program was called “Looking for Johnny”, and Peter participated in it with a live performance.

Den Psykoseje Skattejagd
During our first Live Art for Kids festival, Peter took a group of children and their grown ups on a treasure hunt through the small back rooms and scary dark corridors of Nikolaj Konsthal. Hidden along the way were balloons with small pieces of paper in them. Popping the balloons released small pieces of paper, on which clues for the next steps to be taken could be found. Finding the way through the dark halls was exciting in itself, but there were lots of surprises hidden along the way, too, including ringing bells and the Danish favorite Flødebøller, chocolates filled with whipped egg whites. The project was, as the participating children would agree, clearly more cool (Danish “sej”) than psycho.


Photo: Ellen Friis

A video is here.

Spektaklet i Studiestræde
2014 was a productive year for our collaboration with Peter. In the same year he took kids on a treasure hunt, he conceived and performed “Spektaklet i Studiestræde” together with musician Nils Grøndahl and actor Zlatko Buric for a grown up audience at Hitparaden 2. It was a true spectacle, with a cello falling from the rafters with a bang, things being blown up, music samples played and stories told, all while Peter went around with a small theatrical spotlight on a stand, shedding light on the best parts to make sure we won’t miss them. Still fun to watch on video.

About the Artist
Peter makes painting, sculpture, performance etc.
He has worked with Per Flink Basse, Peter Peter, Steen Madsen, Denise Ziegler, Mikke Maasalo and many others. His works have been presented in museums, theaters, galleries, clubs, music festivals, abandoned factory buildings, urban spaces and far out in the woods.

Peter’s website with a meticulous list of his works is here.

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