Peter Lind

Works with Live Art Denmark
2013 Performance Photographer and exhibition at Hitparaden 1
2014 Performance Photographer at Hitparaden 2
2015 Performance Photographer at Kulstof 15

We worked with Peter as our resident photographer at both Hitparade festivals and Kulstof 15. You will find many of his pictures throughout these artist’s pages. At the first Hitparade he exhibited pictures taken in the framework of his work “When everything is over ….”


About the Artist
Peter Lind is a photographer and visual artist based in Copenhagen. His work is based on documentary observations, and stands at the crossroads of conceptual photography, installation and narrative structure. He has been exhibited in: Austria, Australia, Argentina, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, United States of America, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Vietnam. Lind was born in Copenhagen.

He studied cinematography at the Istituto di Scienze Cinematografiche e Audiovisive in Florence, 1983, and University of Copenhagen 1984.

Info about current projects can be found on his website.

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