Works for Live Art Danmark
2012 Workshop for Samtalekøkken
2014 DJ set at Hitparaden 2

Workshop at Statens Teaterskole
In 2012 Signa offered a workshop introducing some of the students of Statens Teaterskole to their work and working methods. A presentation of the results was part of the program of one of our Samtalekøkken events.

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Photo: Gert van der Pumperlei

DJ Set
In 2014 Signa contributed a DJ set with spectacular visuals – including poledancing – to our second Hitparaden festival of international theatre.


Photo: Peter Lind

About the Artists
SIGNA  is a Copenhagen based artistic collective founded by Signa & Arthur Köstler. Developed since 2001 from performances by Signa Sørensen (now Köstler), the fundamental concept of their projects is best described as performance installation. Each project is a devised site-specific performance played in non-traditional art spaces. In collaboration with an ensemble of international participants, the founding members of SIGNA conceptualize and perform in wholly immersive endurance installations which engage with archetype, improvisation and highly curated visual landscapes, to indulge and investigate structures of power and degradation, fate, identity and desire. The audience is invited not only to visit and explore the extensive installations, but also to interact with and in some cases, impact them.

See more about the group on their website.

Om liveart_dk was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen to promote the discussion, documentation and development of live art in Denmark. The organisation is equally inspired by the imaginative and entertaining English Live Art tradition as by the theoretical and political German theatre tradition. We have organised 10 large international festivals of Live Art for kids and adults since 2004, and over 40 discussion events, books, video series, symposia and more in the field of live art, performance art, art criticism and documentation. We collaborate with theatres, music venues, art museums and festivals in Denmark and internationally.