Torben Sangild (DK)

Torben Sangild Torben Sangild did the first live review at Samtalekøkkenet And wrote critically about  Live Art for Børn 1 at Politikken: Can be found here : Sorry Danish only. We talked a lot about the critic. On the Radio (24syv) with Torben and elsewhere and finally invited him to talk about it and why and how the performer (Marcio Carvalho) had crossed his and his daughters bounders. Torben will also be a part of COLAB

Andrés Galeano (ES)

Andrés Galeano Andrés Galeano is an interdisciplinary artist whose main medium is performance art. In his pieces, space, audience, objects, actions, time and his body are the elements that compose consciously the work. He mixes freely different art languages within a performance and uses the power of the instant and the presence to create actions and situations that open philosophical questions and poetical experiences. For Samtalekøkkenet, January 2012, he performed “Watching the Sun”:

Andreas Liebmann (CH)

Andreas Liebmann Andreas Liebmann is educated from Schauspiel Akademie Zürich. He has worked as an actor for Theaters in Germany and Switzerland, and in the performance ensemble “GASTSTUBE” with Nicolas Galeazzi and Beatrice Fleischlin (2002-2007). He works as a director, performer and writer of his own performances. At Samtalekøkkenet februar 2012 he performed a try-out of a new work, “We – a Solo”, where the relationship between society and the individual, the audience and a solo performer, is being investigated. More info at