Torben Sangild (DK)

Torben Sangild Works With Live Art Denmark2010 Live review at Samtalekøkken2014 Discussion of his review of “Live art for børn 1”2016 “Hot Potato”, collaboration with David Sebastián Lopez Restrepo for COLAB Copenhagen Live Review of “Undgåelsens Bevægelighed”“Undgåelsens Bevægelighed” was an installation in public space by the Danish performance duo CoreAct, Anika K. Barkan and Helene Kvint. The title translates roughly to “Agility of Avoidance” but the work was shwon as “Reflection” for international audiences. In Copenhagen, the installation that consisted of a small house made of pieces of colored glass, was presented next to the Black Diamond, the extension of the Royal Library. In October 2010, we challenged Torben to […]

Andrés Galeano (ES)

Andrés Galeano Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 “Watching the Sun”, Samtalekøkken at Hofteatret. Watching the Sun For his performance, Andrés used the setting of the historical court theatre at Christiansborg castle in the centre of Copenhagen for a meditation about the sun and, in extention, about light. The performance begins with a series of slides, projected on the ceiling of the theatre, alternating between artworks and landscapes. In the completely dark theatre, he plays with the visibility of his own body using a series of different lamps and viewing devices. Finally, after the lights come back up, he unrolls the poster of a sunny beach and completes the image […]

Andreas Liebmann (CH)

Andreas Liebmann Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 “We – a Solo” at Samtalekøkkenet. We – a Solo Andreas participated in Samtalekøkken in February 2012. He presented his performance lecture “We – a Solo” as a work in progress. The piece investigates the relationship between society and the individual, audience and solo performer, and features Andreas in shorts, playing the cello and text projections. About the Artist Andreas Liebmann studied at the Acting Academy in Zurich from 1993 to 1997. He has been teaching at the Universities of the arts Zurich, Berlin and Leipzig. Since 2015 he is teaching at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in the areas […]