Trine Mee Sook Gleerup

Work for Live Art Denmark
2011 “The Fool 1/22″ at Samtalekøkken

The Fool 1/22
Trine started her performance of the “The Fool 1/22″ at Samtalekøkken in February 2011 by announcing that this would possibly be the first of 22 performances all based on the historical and mythological figure of the fool. She then launched into a lengthy explanation of the role of the court jester in ancient Europe and continued to work her way through a printed manuscript she held in her hand, reading aloud a long series of fool stories in a calm and almost flat voice. Calmly and unexcitedly as it had begun and continued throughout, the performance ended when she finished reading the last page of her manuscript.

About the Artist
Trine received a MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and went on to work as a visual artist, primarily with installation, text and performance. Deeply invested in historical, national and political tendencies her artistic performance-based methodology also questions the politics and history of performance art itself. From a post-colonial and gender-related perspective her work is debating cultural and racial stereo-typing and representation, as well as it strives to (re)negotiate overall power structures, and identity building.

These days, Trine seems to have shifted her attention to teaching yoga, she advertists her classes on this website.

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