Essi Kausalainen (FIN)

Essi Kausalainen Works with Live Art Danmark 2012 “I and other Letters” at Samtalekøkken 2015 “Carnation & Quartz” at Live Art for Kids in Kristiansstad2021 “I and other letters”, performance recipe for Playing Up2021 Performance opera “B” at Friisland I and other LettersFor Samtalekøkkenet September 2012, Essi presented “I and other Letters”. She begins by measuring and occupying the rather large, white space by rolling slowly all around it in an office chair. Later, she arranges some flowers in a vase on a table, which she then drags diagonally across the floor. Finally, she jumps onto the office chair, this time lying stretched out across the arm rests, planking and speedily […]

Double Talk (FI)

Double Talk Works with Live Art Danmark 2010 “Subconscious Double Talk” at Samtalekøkken at Warehouse 9 Subconscious Double Talk In their performance for our performance art series Samtalekøkken, Finnish duo Double Talk presented a powerful mix of storytelling, spoken word poetry and electronic sounds produced with a single string. The performers take turns spinning the yarn of their story and playing their piezo-mike-amplified string. About the Artists Double Talk was a Finnish spoken word performance group, consisting of Seppo Pietikainen and Yrjana Sauros that left hardly any traces online.

Divano Occidentale Orientale (IT/CR)

Divano Occidentale Orientale Work with Live Art Danmark2013 “ivetotellyousomething” at Samtalekøkken ivetotellyousomethingThe performance ivetotellyousomething took place in the tiny toilet of Nikolaj Kunsthallasted and lasted for just five minutes.  Because it was only accessible for one or two spectators at a time, it was repeated  in a loop for three continuous hours. Audience members were guided into the small, darkened toilet booth, where occasional flashes of light and projections of cartoons revealed cheap plastic lamps and Hello Kitty paraphernalia. Kitschy violin music and sentimental Italian pop blared form the speakers as the performers approached each visitor individually, coming close, blindfolding them, touching … An exploration, as the artists declared, of […]

Dariusz Fodzcuk (PL)

Dariusz Fodzcuk Works with Live Art Danmark 2013 Artist in residence with Live Art Danmark 2013 TTT for Samtalekøkken in Nikolaj Kunsthal 2013 3 Performances for Hitparaden 1. TTT While in residency with Live Art Denmark in 2013 for some months, Dariusz participated in several of our events. TTT was the title of a participative performance Daniel presented at Samtalekøkken in Nicolai Kunsthal. He opened by greeting each spectator personally, asking them for their names and handing out clear plastic bags. The ensuing performance consisted of a series of actions, and all involved one, several or all members of the audience. Constantly talking, running, touching people, he invited them to […]

Camilla Junior (DK)

Camilla Graff Junior Works for Live Art Danmark 2012 “Inner and Outer Animals” at Samtalekøkkenet at KB 18, Copenhagen Inner and Outer Animals In this performance lecture about healing, Camilla uses animals and humans from her own family (and a lot of video clips she found on You Tube) as examples to explain how to know and maintain a dialogue with our inner and outer animals. She plays with her roles as presenter, performer, family member and weaves a fine mesh of fact and fiction in this amusing tour de force, leaving the spectator unsure of how seriously to take the presentation. In a second part, audience members are invited […]

Christian Falsnaes (DK/DE)

Christian Falsnaes Works for Live Art Danmark 2011 Performance Lecture, Samtalekøkkenet 2013 “Fulfilling Your Expectations”, Hitparaden 1 2014 “Existing Things (2010)” at Samtalekøkken/Madhouse Helsinki 2014 “Now and Then” video performance for Now and Again 2019/21 “Surface Memory” as part of Playing Up Performance Lecture For our Samtalekøkken, Christian improvised a performance lecture about two of his own performances, which he presented on video. The first performance, a collaboration with the Zurich based Danish artist Søren Berner, was called “First Person”.  The performers lead small groups of audience through an abandoned building and confront them close up with a wild mix of text, physical action and video projection. The audience, as […]

Christopher Hewitt (UK)

Christopher Hewitt Works with Live Art Danmark 2007 Performance Art Juke Box at Berliner Luft 3 Since 2010 Video documentation of Samtalekøkken 2012 Critical summary of performances at Samtalekøkken, Nikolaj Tower Session, CPH 2013/14 Video documentation of both Hitparaden Festivals. Christopher has been one of our most valuable collaborators over the years. Next to being one of the best and most experienced video documentarists in the field, he has continuoiusly assisted Live Art Denmark in building our network for the performative arts in Denmark and far beyond by generously sharing his knowledge and experience. Performance Art Jukebox Christopher opens his laptop and via a projection allows us a glimpse of […]

CoreAct (DK)

CoreAct Works for Live Art Danmark 2010 “Undgåelsens bevægelighed”, Samtalekøkken Undgåelsens bevægelighed/Reflections “Reflection” is a poetic performance installation in the urban space. It is also a colorful sculpture, lighting up public places. As a poetic interpretation it addresses the issue of daily choices or lack thereof, and their consequences to our common future. The colorful glasshouse is inhabited by two performers who portray everyday dilemmas and lifestyle paradoxes in a subtle manner. They have lost the ability to meaningfully discriminate, and are trapped in a long chain of procrastination, mirroring our current social patterns. The colorful glasshouse sculpture was created by internationally renowned sculptor Tom Fruin from New York who […]

Chuck Morris (CH/DK)

Chuck Morris Works for Live Art Danmark 2011 “Souvereines” (excerpt) at Samtalekøkken. Souvereines Announced as a “royal-blue revelation for the masses”, the duo Chuck Morris transforms itself into the Coming Queen in this choreographical performance. We witness two performers spinning slowly through the darkened space of Warehouse 9, bound together by the the bare bones of the queen’s royal habit. We follow them while they retell, or maybe make real by pronouncing them, the steps to queendom and sovereignty while they gradually complete the royal gown. Their voices merge into one, drift into chanting, acquire a dreamlike quality at times. In the final scene, the new queen, bathed in red […]

Brian Catling (UK)

Brian Catling Work for Live Art Danmark 2013 Performance at Samtalekøkken, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen Performance Standing to the side of the stage, or the area were the audience focusses their attention because a video is projected, Brian starts his performance by hiding his head between his hands, like someone in distress. The gesture slowly merges into others. His fingers move around his head and we feel we might see devil’s horns or a vampire’s fangs. From a pocket of his impeccable black suit, he produces a disposable camera, and in slow, ceremonial gestures, reminding us of an uncanny if not too skillful magician, he proceeds to snap pictures of audience […]