Essi Kausalainen (FIN)

Essi Kausalainen Essi Kausalainen studied performance art in Turku (BA) and in Helsinki (MA), Finland. For Samtalekøkkenet September 2012, Essi presented “I and other Letters” For “Live Art for Kids” i Kristiansstad (Oct 31st, 2015) og Ystad (Nov 1st, 2015), she presented a work about plants and their communication. After the performance we asked the kids to draw the performance as a starting point for discussion

Divano Occidentale Orientale (IT/CR)

Divano Occidentale Orientale The theater group Divano Occidentale Orientale was born in January 2010 by Giuseppe L. Bonifati (Italy) & Monserrat Montero Cole (Costa Rica). The artistic project of the group starts from the South (Italy) and South of the World (Costa Rica) and especially from the will to build and produce art through a deep research and compare it with the different generations. A wide-ranging project that lives inside and outside Italy, in a continuous journey of contamination of its works with the “other”, across national borders. Divano Occidentale Orientale presented a one-to-one performance called “ivetotellyousomething” for the Samtalekøkken, March 2013:

Dariusz Fodzcuk (PL)

Dariusz Fodzcuk Dariusz Fodzcuk was our artist in residence i 2013. He made a performance for Samtalekøkkenet in Nikolaj Arthall Dariusz Fodczuk works in painting, sculpture and performance. Fodczuk’s performances and other works have been presented in over 100 individual and group shows in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, France, Canada and the USA, among others. He is also the curator of Interakcje International Festival of Performance Art in Bielsko-Biala. And a couple of actions at Hitparaden 1 Fear No Art: Tiny Personal demonstration: More informations here: The Game and other activities: “I am an artist who consequently develops collectivism in performance since over 10 years. I would like to explain the idea […]

Camilla Junior (DK)

Camilla Junior Camilla Junior is a performance artist and a director, working solo, in collaborations and through her Danish French theatre company “Giraff Graff”. She is living in Copenhagen. For Samtalekøkkenet April 2012, she performed the solo-piece “Inner and Outer Animals”:

Christian Falsnaes (DK/DE)

Christian Falsnaes Christian Falsnaes (1980) began working as a painter after studying for a degree in philosophy. Today he is mainly concerned with the participatory strategies of performance. His works are dominated by the question what it means to be a rational, perceptive human being; a human being asking himself about his attitude towards property, power, manipulation and responsibility. He has presented his work at  Samtalekøkkenet in February 2011: Christian Falsnaes was active in the graffiti, and squatting scene before he began his studies at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna. He works to break down the barriers between high culture and popular culture, between visual art, film, music and literature […]

Christopher Hewitt (UK)

Christopher Hewitt Christopher Hewitt is a former director of the “Live Art” department at ICA, London, and a initiator of “Performer Stammtisch Berlin”, a forum for the discussion and presentation of performative art. presented his performance art Juke Box at Berliner Luft 3 Christopher Hewitt documented both Hitparade Festivals and some of the Samtalekkøkken nights. And he assisted with guidance and concrete advice in building a forum and a network for performative art in Denmark; including Samtalekøkkenet. Amongst other things, he gave a critical summary of Samtalekøkkenets artists: Andrés Galeano, Joshua Sofaer, Robin Deacon, Florian Feigl and Sian Robinson Davies at Nikolaj Tower Session April 5 2012 Copenhagen – – – – – – – […]

CoreAct (DK)

CoreAct CoreAct is an interdisciplinary performance art ensemble with a background in physical theatre and new circus. The members are Helene Kvint and Anika Barkan. For Samtalekøkkenet Oktober 2010, their work “Undgåelsens bevægelighed” (“The Mobility of Avoidance”) was live reviewed by Torben Sangild (Politiken):

Brian Catling (UK)

Brian Catling Brian Catling teaches Fine Art at the University of Oxford. His oeuvre spans performance art, painting, video, sculpture, poetry and books, and he organizes a yearly Christmas cabaret of performance art; Cabaret Melancholique. “I am obsessively engaged in the collision of separate activities that sometimes fuse together in a hybrid event – they being the writing of poetry, the constructing of sculptural installation and the action of performance. Most recently they have fetched up as video works.” For our Samtalekøkken, February 2013 he performed the following piece: