Joshua Sofaer (UK)

Joshua Sofaer Joshua Sofaer (1972) is an artist who is centrally concerned with modes of collaboration and participation. Often with an irreverent use of humour, he plays with established forms of production, appropriating and reconfiguring the chat show, competition, lecture, or museum display. He is invited for a residence in January and February 2018 in a collaboration between and Scenekunstens Efteruddannelse (Statens Teaterskole). During this residence, he offers his coaching programme to artists: Coaching Conversations is an opportunity for artists to ‘rethink’, ‘progress’, and ‘unblock’ their practice during a one-to-one conversation with artist and PCT accredited Relational Dynamics Coach, Joshua Sofaer. Coaching Conversations uses the principles of coaching to […]

Joakim Stampe (S)

Joakim Stampe Born in 1959, lives and works in Göteborg, Sweden. Being the son of two painters, Joakim Stampe grew up in an artistic environment where art and making art was a natural part of life. Joakim Stampe is basically a storyteller, through the action and the human identification in performance art. For Samtalekøkkenet, November 2012, Joakim performed an action of painting with his boots – and with fire: “Daddy’s flag in Red, White and Fire”.

Jane Jin Kaisen (DK)

Jane Jin Kaisen Jane Jin Kaisen explores how historical narratives, memory, and ideology are constructed and influence our perception and thinking. She works in a project‐based manner, primarily in the mediums of experimental video and performance. Jane Jin Kaisen performed “A Bedtime Story” at Samtalekøkkenet, December 2012:

Jakob Jakobsen (DK)

Jakob Jakobsen Jakob Jakobsen (f. 1965) studied at the Royal Art Academy of Copenhagen 1989-1995. He is active as a visual artist, activist, writer, curator and teacher. He was involved in the foundation of the artists collective and magazine Koncern in Copenhagen (1989-1993) and in Info Centre in London (1998-1999). For Samtalekøkkenet november 2011, he performed a live radio play: “Byggeren overgiver sig aldrig”. It was performed in collaboration with Anders Remmer:

Goodiepal (FO)

Goodiepal Goodiepal or Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen, whose real name is Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester, is a brilliant Danish/Faroese musician, composer and performance artist. Goodiepal at our Samtalekøkken, March 2013: Goodiepal & Pals had an open musical playgroup at Live Art for Børn 2016. Here is a clip from our 360° Camera. Mostly they played from graphic and animated notation of young composers. At Live Art for Børn 2017, in Theater S/H in Copenhagen, Goodiepal & Pals presented “Write a letter to Goodiepal & Pals Friends”. Goodiepal & Pals friend’s were refugees, as they were based in Serbia to support them. The installation enabled kids and adults to write letters with a question […]

Helena Hei-Sook Park (DK)

Helena Hei-Sook Park Helena Hei-Sook Park is working with the home and the kitchen as fields of documentation and a frame for an investigation of how things and chores are normally performed. It may be necessary in order to discover the absurd elements of the everyday. Or to ask the question whether our conception of rationality is irrational. For Samtalekøkkenet, November 2010, Helena Hei-Sook Park performed “Slagter Grøntsager”:

Frans Jacobi (DK)

Frans Jacobi Frans Jacobi (1960) is a Danish visual artist with a background in sculpture. His works are often staged spaces or scenographic installations which use sound effects and simple visual means to create an atmosphere and a simulated milieu. For Samtalekøkkenet, April 2011, he performed and directed “Silent Stand” from his performance series “The Aesthetics of Resistance”: ”Introducing Goldman’ is a solo-performance by Frans Jacobi. ‘Goldman’ is something as obvious as a figuration of the elusive powerstructures of global economy. If the real powers behind capitalisms world dominance remains obscure and abstract – almost impossible to identify and relate to – Goldman will give these complex alghoritmic financial mechanisms a […]

Florian Feigl (DE)

Florian Feigl Florian Feigl lives and works in Berlin. Since 1997, he has performed as solo artist and in various collaborations in Germany and throughout Europe. He is invited for the festival Live Art for Children 2017 with a workshop based on his “300” Series: “Jeg skal baaare lige” investigates differences in the perception of time between adults and children. In 1996, he founded  “Wagner/Feigl Forschung und Festspiele”with Otmar Wagner.  They performed in Denmark at the Berliner Luft 1 festival in 2004. For Samtalekøkkenet, he has performed “Prologue to 300″, January 2011: and “Rambo Revisionist” with Jörn J. Burmester, May 2011: Together with Jörn J. Burmester, he also performed “Rambo Revisionist” […]

Ellen Friis (DK)

Ellen Friis At Berliner Luft 3 Ellen Friis performed the first version of “The Evidence”: At Samtalekøkkenet,  Friis presented “Six Saints: Lene Vestergaard Hau”. Six Saints is a series of performances investigating various time-concepts; an artistic analysis of six famous Danish scientists, who have concerned themselves with LIGHT, ENERGY AND TIME. The research also touches on other topics shared by physics and the performing arts, such as the questions of documentation, observation and ownership. At Hitparaden 1 Ellen Friis presented “Six Saints: Tycho Brahe” & “Six Saints: H.C.Ørsted” Can a performance happen in space only? Can a performance happen in time only? In her performance-series, Six Saints, Ellen Friis investigates […]

Eric Andersen (DK)

Eric Andersen Eric Andersen has been a pioneer in the field of performance art, installation and InterMedia and was one of the founders of the Fluxus network in 1962. Since 1960 he has been participating in over 500 events and exhibitions all over the world. He developed an interest in intermedia art very early on (as from 1959). In his Opus works from the early 60s, he investigated primarily the open interaction between performer and audience. In November 1962, for the first time, he participated in a Fluxus concert at the Festum Fluxorum in the Nikolai Kirke, Copenhagen, and in subsequent years he was involved in a number of Fluxus […]