Georg Klein (DE)

Georg Klein Work for Live Art Denmark 20017 “European Border Watch” at Horsens Happening European Border Watch As part of our Horsens Happening, Georg transformed a shop in Hospitalsgade into the office of a fictional organization called the European Border Watch. Citizens were invited to observe segments of the European exterior borders via webcam to help curb illegal imigaration. The system was inspired by an online citizen’s watch of a part of the US-Mexican border in Texas that actually exists. To help the project maintain the impression of an official organization, it had an almost official looking website that can still be visited here. Documentation of press reactions to European […]

Hue/Boy (DE)

Hue/Boy  Work for Live Art Denmark2017 Live Action Role Plays and various games for Horsens Happening The GamesHue/Boy developed a series of site specific games, one of them a Live Action Role Play (LARP) for the former Prison (Danish Fængslet) of Horsens as part of our festival Horsens Happening. In “Get Out of Jail, Free?”, curious kids and grown-ups where invited to take the roles of prisoners in the former prison building, thus returned to its historical function. In a performance without peformers, the prisoners had to sneak past attentive prison guards through different rooms of the prison and steal a key to make their way back to freedom. This […]

Jeannette Ehlers (DK)

Jeannette Ehlers Work for Live Art Danmark 2016: “Black Matter” at Live Art for Børn in Aalborg Black Matter Jeannette Ehlers showed “Black Matter” at Live Art for Børn 2016 in Ålborg. The piece consists of a series of black and white photos, projected on a  screen and eventually, a large balloon that is slowly inflated in front of it. Like brief flashes of memory, moving and changing with the movement of the balloon, images of black struggle, the covers of records by black artists and, most of all, an almost endless stream of portraits of black women and man, flow before the viewers eyes, in the darkened space. The […]

Eilidh MacAskill (UK)

Ivor MacAskill Work with Live Art Denmark2016 Gendersuarus Salon at Live Art for Børn Gendersaurus SalonIvor brought a T-shirt workshop to our children’s festival, conducted together with Carl Michael Richardt and part of the larger Gendersaurus Rex project. Together with their participants, they explored how and what clothes says about who you are. They discussed questions like: What if you cannot choose for yourselves what your clothes say about you? Some clothing stores have not many options – pink for girls, blue for boys, princesses or pirates, flowers or trucks. But colors are just colors and things are just things. So why should our clothes be allowed to decide who […]

Kabir Carter (US)

Kabir Carter Work for Live Art Danmark 2011 Performance for Mary Paterson’s workshop. Performance Kabir created a sound performance in the context of our first seminar on  performative writing with Mary Paterson. His work, a sound piece featuring live processing of sounds picked up from the building of Warehouse 9 where the seminar took place, was reviewed directly during the process by Mary and the participants of her workshop. About the Artist Kabir’s work moves between performance and installation, and has been exhibited and featured at museums, art spaces, festivals and biennials throughout the United States and Europe. He holds an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the […]

Martin O’Brien (UK)

Martin O’Brien Work for Live Art Denmark2014: “Breathe for me”, Samtalekøkken at “It’s about time”, Dansehallerne Breathe for meMartin showed the three hour durational piece “Breathe for me” as part of our Samtalekøkken at “It is about time” at Dansehallerne. “Breathe for Me” considers the nature of the regulated chronically ill body. It began with Martin cutting the shape of lungs onto his chest and performing physiotherapy in order to cough mucus into thirty specimen jars which adorn the edges of the catwalk. This was followed by a number of actions moving up and down a catwalk: wearing a re-breathe hood (BDSM mask for breath restriction), crawling with thirty needles […]

Heidi Hove (DK)

Heidi Hove Work for Live Art Denmark 2013: Installation for Turku Biennal at the Museum of History & Contemporary Art – Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku, Finland. Installation Heidi Hove was one of three Danish artists whose works we curated for Turku Biennial 2013. For her installation, Heidi Hove was inspired by the past – the archeaological fragments exhibited in Aboa Vetus and two childhood memories. One was a piece of glass which cut her foot with in the garden of her childhood home. The other is about her granddad, a farmer, who collected all the stones he found in the ground. In her installation, Heidi exhibited pieces of […]

Victoria Stanton (CAN)

Victoria Stanton (CA) Work for Live Art Denmark 2018 “Full circle – what goes around comes around” at Live Art for Children Full circle – what goes around comes around To enjoy the taste of a cake from Odense’s best bakery in this performance, you first needed to find a child who would feed you! At the 2018 edition of our festival “Live Art for Children”, Victoria presented the participatory and relational performance “Full circle – what goes around comes around”. Children were tasked with feeding adults, their parents or strangers with different foods. The intimacy of the action provided plenty of food for thought about how our life-long relations […]

Alison Knowles (US)

Alison Knowles Works by Live Art Danmark: 2018 “Proposition #2, Make a Salad” at Live Art for Children Proposition #2, Make a Salad 100 people work together to make a delicious salat! For the 2018 edition of our festival Live Art for Children, we recreated a famous Fluxus work by Alison Knowles. She performed her score Proposition #2, Make a Salad for the first time in London 1962, and we recreated the work in Odense 2018. By mixing and eating more than 100 kg of salad with a large group of adults and children we took a banal, everyday activity out of its everyday context and made it into a […]