Line Skywalker Karlström (S)

Line Skywalker Karlström Line Skywalker Karlström (b. 1971) is a Swedish interdisciplinary artist who uses performance, objects, installation, video and social action as tools to investigate structures in society pertaining to commonality, power, institution, space and body. At Samtalekøkkenet, December 2011, she presented a new work; (leaving) Nest: At Live art for Børn 1 in Nikolaj Kunsthal she showed “Kroppen der stak af” And at Kulstof 15 she performed “Finding the Lesbian Leak at the Louvre”

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (PH/DK)

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (1970) is best known for her performance works, but she also creates video og computer graphics. These media play an active role in her performance pieces, where themes like sexuality, identity, family and the globalized society are explored. For Samtalekøkkenet, October 2010, she performed “Artists Song” and “Manifesto”: Her work “Gaia” was criticised by Søren Schauser at Samtalekøkkenet (Wundergrund) For Now and Again she produced the video “Skin stripping” For Live Art for Børn S/H she showed the performance Mikado for the first time in Denmark.

Leena Kela (FIN)

Leena Kela Leena Kela is a performance artist who also works with performance art pedagogy, photography and video. In her work she wants to approach the other and the concept of otherness. How does a human being, an animal, nature or even self manifest itself as other? For Live Art for Børn 2016 she presented “Performance-alfabetet”: Leena Kela presents materials and objects typical for performance art ordered and presented after letters of the alphabet. For Live Art for Børn she also presented a work developed with Mark Harvey called Pssst! For Samtalekøkkenet, November 2012, she presented “Performance Performance”; a recipe for inventing and creating a performance from scratch in 30 minutes.

Karl Stampes (SE/DK)

Karl Stampes Karl Stampes performed with Henrik Vestergaard in the band “Radarmen from the moon” in 2003 (Looking for Johnny) at Stubnitz. At Samtalekøkkenet he performed with Ben, Rør og Stampes (DK) Ben, Rør og Stampes (Anders Benmouyal, Peter Rørbæk and Karl Stampes) is a band, that develops new instruments and play on a variety of medias in an investigation of the art institutions boundaries – in order to open up new possibilities for different and exciting ways of presenting art. Og Karl Stampes project at Hitparaden 2. The Karl Stampes project is an artist driven laboratory with main interests in the arts, music, mechanics, digital behavior, electronic circuiting and animation. […]

Kjersti G. Andvig (NO)

Kjersti G. Andvig Kjersti G. Andvig (1978) graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, Norway, 2003. For Samtalekøkkenet September 2012, she presented her – so far – two year long research in giving giving soul to inanimate objects ” I swear on the Stone”.

Kristoffer Raasted (DK)

Kristoffer Raasted Kristoffer Raasted investigates the live moment in the field between poetry, visual art and music. He has studied philosophy and is currently, studying at the Art Academy of Copenhagen. Video (below) from Alt_Cph 13 performance  “Opadstræbende Linjer”: At Samtalekøkkenet, October 2013, he performed with Claus Haxholm in “Elektriske Guitarer”:

Kristján Ingimarsson (IS/DK)

Kristján Ingimarsson Kristján Ingimarsson (1968) is an Icelandic performer and director, who is based in Denmark and tours internationally. Educated from School of Stage Arts in 1997, Ingimarsson has since produced physical theatre performances with his own company Neander. Characteristic of Ingimarsson’s productions is their unique and out-of-control physical expression along with endless curiosity and a rule-breaking nerve. For Samtalekøkkenet January 2011, he gave a taste of “Fools of the World, Unite:

Jette Hye Jin Mortensen (DK/KR)

Jette Hye Jin Mortensen Jette Hye Jin Mortensen, born 1980 in Korea and adopted to Denmark. In her works, her autobiography is opened up as artistic material, and herself as performative, corporeal site for gestural drama.Text and manuscripts often surrounds the works, displayed alongside the actual projects as a reminder of the “hidden text”: the ideological, cultural web that surrounds any work of art. For Samtalekøkkenet, January 2011, she showed her video work “Tell it the way they tell it” and talked about it: It was live-reviewed by Mette Garfield, Teater 1: January 2012, she performed “Songbook”:  

Jörn Burmester Wium (DE/DK)

Jörn Burmester Wium Jörn Burmester Wium has been a regular guest at For the book launch of the Berliner Luft book he performed  “My Last Performance” at Warehouse 9 (November 2009). However, it was not his last performance – In 2011 he was our artist in residence and performed “Performance art is life. Theater is death.” at a of “Samtalekøkken” During the residency, he also performed “Randon Rants” at the ACTS festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, May 2011: He is a performance artist, curator and playwright living and working in Berlin. Burmester’s solo work began with a series of performance lectures on the war in Afghanistan (The Rambo Lectures, 2001-2003). Together with Florian […]