Christian Falsnaes

Christian Falsnaes (1980) began working as a painter after studying for a degree in philosophy. Today he is mainly concerned with the participatory strategies of performance. His works are dominated by the question what it means to be a rational, perceptive human being; a human being asking himself about his attitude towards property, power, manipulation and responsibility.

He has presented his work at  Samtalekøkkenet in February 2011:

Christian Falsnaes was active in the graffiti, and squatting scene before he began his studies at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna. He works to break down the barriers between high culture and popular culture, between visual art, film, music and literature and to create a new language in between.

At Hitparaden 1 Christian Falsnaes performed “Fulfilling Your Expectations”:

All photos: Peter Lind

In his performance Fulfilling Your Expectations, he investigates the expectations of performance and the attempts to fulfil them. In a mixture of live-performance, philosophy and music, an absurd entertainment show is created. The artist gives all, shows all and fulfil your desires.

Of all joys, the joy of expectation is indeed the biggest.

In Samtalekøkkenet at Madhouse in Helsinki he used Kareth Schaffer as a ghost performer performing “Existing Things (2010)”

Photo: Gert van der Pumperlei

Photo: Gert van der Pumperlei

For our Now and Again serie Christian Falsnaes made the video: “Now and Then”

Still from video

Still from video

Read Tobias Linnemann Ewe text about Christian Falsnaes here (sorry Danish only):

Om liveart_dk blev grundlagt i 2004 for at udvikle miljøet for live art og performancekunst i Danmark igennem nytænkende koncepter og projekter. Siden 2004 har organiseret 10 store internationale festivals for børn og voksne, og over 40 andre events – Samtalekøkkener, bogudgivelser, video serier, symposier, residenser og mere indenfor kunst, kritik og dokumentation.