Anya Liftig (US)

Anya Liftig Work for Live Art Danmark 2013 “Bad Salad” at Hitparaden 1 Bad Salad There’s a long line of performances that deal with human-animal relationships and cross-collaboration in Anya’s work . For her 10 minute performance in the courtyard of the venue of both Hitparaden, Pumpehuset in the center of Copenhagen, she expanded the scope of her often intimate relations with non-human organisms to the ingredients of a salad. Emitting sounds of fear and pain she shredded a head of iceberg lettuce, a bunch of carrots and various other vegetables using no tools, but her hands, teeth and other parts of her body. Her ferocious action transformed the usually […]

Henrik Vestergaard

Henrik Vestergaard Works for Live Art DanmarkHenrik is one of the founders and directors of Live Art Denmark. He takes part in developing and producing all projects of our company. Using the label “Zarathustras Onkel”, he produced his own performances. The following were included in Live Art Danmark’s programs:2004 “Gerüstbauficken” at Berliner Luft 12005 “We Come in Peace” at Berliner Luft 22007 Remake of “Fingernumret”, part of the Kanon project, at Berliner Luft 32012 “Full Stop”, part of the Kanon project, at SamtalekøkkenSince 2016 More than 100 shows of 50 Farlige Ting (alle børn bør prøve)2018 “Virak Revy“, a performance about scores2020 “Kaboom“, a performance for kids about destruction in […]

Andzej Wirth (PL)

Andzej Wirth Works with Live Art Danmark 2005 “Las Venice” at Berliner Luft 1 Las Venice In their “Essayistic Video Performance” Las Venice, renowned cultural critic Andrzej Wirth and videomaker and performance artist Thomas Martius embark on a philosophical investigation of the “original” city of Venice and its replica, the casino-hotel “Venetian” in Las Vegas. For their  performance at Hitparaden 1, Andrzej and Thomas performed a live conversation in the light of a multi channel projection of the video essay that added an entertaining and enlightening extra layer to the complex structure of the video work. About the Artist Andrzej Tadeusz Wirth (born April 10, 1927 in Włodawa/Poland, died 10. […]

Andrés Galeano (ES)

Andrés Galeano Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 “Watching the Sun”, Samtalekøkken at Hofteatret. Watching the Sun For his performance, Andrés used the setting of the historical court theatre at Christiansborg castle in the centre of Copenhagen for a meditation about the sun and, in extention, about light. The performance begins with a series of slides, projected on the ceiling of the theatre, alternating between artworks and landscapes. In the completely dark theatre, he plays with the visibility of his own body using a series of different lamps and viewing devices. Finally, after the lights come back up, he unrolls the poster of a sunny beach and completes the image […]

Andreas Liebmann (CH)

Andreas Liebmann Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 “We – a Solo” at Samtalekøkkenet. We – a Solo Andreas participated in Samtalekøkken in February 2012. He presented his performance lecture “We – a Solo” as a work in progress. The piece investigates the relationship between society and the individual, audience and solo performer, and features Andreas in shorts, playing the cello and text projections. About the Artist Andreas Liebmann studied at the Acting Academy in Zurich from 1993 to 1997. He has been teaching at the Universities of the arts Zurich, Berlin and Leipzig. Since 2015 he is teaching at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in the areas […]

Anaïs Héraud (FR)

Anaïs Héraud Works for Live Art Danmark 2013 “Dawdle” at Hitparaden 1 DawdleIn English, to “dawdle” means to move aimlessly. The pronunciation is somewhat similar to the french word “dodeliner”, to nod one’s head slowly from one side to the other, like when following the rhythm of a song. Anaïs made a series of performances all titled “Dawdle”. Each is a performative mind-map of desire. In the the captivatingly slow development of the Copenhagen edition, her body dialogues with materials like cinder blocks and dawdling dildos, and in the end she buries love songs in soil. Anaïs explains: “For this performance, I’m working with erotic objects of mass production. I […]

Andre Stitt (UK)

Andre Stitt Work for Live Art Danmark2013 “Amnesia” at Hitparaden 1 Amnesia The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty supply the commentary.”Schopenhauer “There’ll be people dying in this town who have never fucking died before”Stitt Using spoken word, text, sound and projected image Andre Stitt reflected on the place of performance art in his life. From his childhood and the civil conflict in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to a life spent travelling and making art around the world, Stitt considered how memory and recall, allegory, communal narrative, conflict, codes and myth inform the present. Using a microphone and projected images, he created a monologue interspersed […]