Works with Live Art Danmark
2013 “Teheran Mon Amour” at Hitparaden 1
2015 “Dette er ikke en forestilling” at Live Art for Børn 2

Teheran Mon Amour
Norpol performed their take of Margarite Duras’ famous “Hiroshima Mon Amour” at Hitparaden 1, as a performance about the situation of homosexual men in Iran today. It opens with the screening of a re-make of one of the greatest love stories on film: ”Hiroshima, mon amour”. But instead of a French woman and a Japanese man, two men – one Scandinavian, one Persian – are cast in the leading roles. Just like in the original, we never learn how they met, as the story begins after the two of them spent a night together in a hotel in Teheran. In the original from 1959 the love affair is complicated and impossible. In Norpol’s version, set in Teheran in 2012, the love affair is punishable by death.

With:  Erik Pold, Daniel Norback, Seimi Nørregaard, Farid Tristan-Sohrabi, Helle Lyshøj, Martin Vognsen and Tobias Stål.

All photos by Peter Lind

Dette er ikke en forestilling
At Live Art for Børn 2, Norpol presented this piece with a title that can be translated to “This is not a performance”. Performer Daniel Norback goes at great lengths to explain through everything that this performance is not and what he is not interested in, such as movement, music, set design and objects.

Created by: Daniel Norback and Adelaide Bentzon
On stage: Daniel Norback
Set design: Seimi Nørregaard.

With: Daniel Norback, Adelaide Bentzon, Seimi Nørregaard, Boaz Barkan and Malle-fotografi

About the Artists
NORPOL produces performances that oscillate between theater, journalism and installation. NORPOL is interested in global politics, art and society. The group positions the big questions in a personal play universe where the audience become active participants. NORPOL explores the narrative and our expectations of it, its capabilities for authenticity, power, and changing identities.

Daniel Norback is the artistic director of the group, but the collaborations it engages in for each new project are crucial. Erik Pold directed “Tehran mon amour”,  Adelaide Bentzon and Daniel Norback collaborated on “Goodbye Europa”. Seimi Nørregaard is the group’s regular scenographer. New productions often require special competences, and so the composition of the group changes for each new project.

Their website is here.

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