Christopher Hewitt

Works with Live Art Danmark
2007 Performance Art Juke Box at Berliner Luft 3
Since 2010 Video documentation of Samtalekøkken
2012 Critical summary of performances at Samtalekøkken, Nikolaj Tower Session, CPH
2013/14 Video documentation of both Hitparaden Festivals.

Christopher has been one of our most valuable collaborators over the years. Next to being one of the best and most experienced video documentarists in the field, he has continuoiusly assisted Live Art Denmark in building our network for the performative arts in Denmark and far beyond by generously sharing his knowledge and experience.

Photo: Peter Lind

Photo: Peter Lind

Performance Art Jukebox
Christopher opens his laptop and via a projection allows us a glimpse of the files on his hard drive. It is stuffed with rare and original performance art videos he has collected, and for the most part, shot, edited and produced himself. The audience is invited to choose which films they would like to see, and Christopher spices up proceedings by sharing his personal memories form the actual live situations.

Critical Summary
Watch Christopher give his critical impressions of performances by the artists Andrés GaleanoJoshua SofaerRobin DeaconFlorian Feigl and Sian Robinson Davies that we presented during our Samtalekøkken at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen in the video below.

About the Artist
For the past 20 years Christopher has been professionally involved with the fields of performance, live art and contemporary visual art. He worked as a practicing artist, has been involved with several live art publications, worked within the funding structure and curated artistic programmes both independently and from within an art institute. He is constantly engaged with the issues and discussions surrounding interdisciplinary practice and ‘immaterial’ practices such as conceptual, process and project based work. Christopher is a former director of the “Live Art” department at ICA, London, was Head of Interdisciplinary Studies and chaired the ‘Crossing Borders’ BA program at the Turku Arts Academy, and was an initiator of “Performer Stammtisch”, a forum for the discussion and presentation of performative art in Berlin.

Hewitt sometimes, but rarely, performs himself. The video below shows 5 minutes of his recreation of Mark Wayman’s performance “Stayte” that lasted 50 minutes. Christopher was assisted by Henrik Vestergaard and Magnus Logi Kristinsson.

More information can be found on Christopher’s website.

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