Mathias Tornvig

Work for Live Art Danmark
2014 “Maraudered marallal-lal’lalallal…” at Hitparaden 2

Maraudered Marallat-lal’lalallal…
The title of this performance that Mathias created for our second Hitparaden festival was actually much longer. The first picture below displays it in its entire length.


If this seems slightly confusing, the artist delivers a typewritten protocol, describing in detail what he plans to do:


After collecting contributions from festival goers, fellow artists and random passers by, Mathias dives into a furios live performance, using a threadbare stand up comedy setting. That is: himself and a mikrophone on stage. It looked like this:


Just in case everything should still not be completely clear by now, here are two more explanatory texts by the artist:



And here is, at long last, a video of the complete performance:

About the Artist
Nothing is known here about Mathias Tornvig, except what he states himself, which is, that, at the time of the festival in 2014, he was a student at the Jutland Art Academy.

He is one of the few people in art who leave almost no trace online.

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