Claus Ejner

Works for Live Art Danmark
2014: “Performance om det at være til”, Hitparaden 1

Performance om det at være til
Claus Ejner spoke Danish and wrote in Danish on the posters he used throughout his performance at Hitparaden 1 festival. The title might be translated as “Performance on what will be”. He began standing on stage motionless with a poster around his neck stating that he is normal and that this is a performance that deals with locking out the outside world. He remains motionless for some minutes, fingers stuffed in his ears. He then worked his way through a series of microperformances, each resulting in a still image, some enacted with his body, some made by bending a measuring stick. Each image is accompanied by an explanation. Lulling the audience with a calm voice and a repetitive rhythm, he holds up one of these instant sculptures, folds the measuring stick into different shapes, and tells us in a monotonous voice:  “This is …, this is … something else”. We seem to witness the futile attempt to name and categorize, trying to impose order onto a world that resists it with its materiality.

About the Artist
Claus Ejner is a multidisciplinary artist, whose works include cartoons, photography, poetry, collages, drawings, performances and video.  He is educated at the Art Academy of Jutland and recieved the 3 year bursary scheme from the Danish Arts Council in 2013.

Claus’ website is called, for some reason, Dada-Invest.


Photo: Peter Lind

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