Christine Overvad Hansen

Works for Live Art Danmark
2014 “In Search of Seductive Powers” at Hitparaden 2.

In Search of Seductive Powers
Christine enters the performance area, in an open courtyard of Pumpehuset, and approaches a sofa that has previously been installed there. Or is it a sofa? What at first glance seems to be a common piece of furniture, turns ut to be a large array of carefully crafted and sewn artefacts. The artist proceeds to matter of factly disassemble the sofa. Its cushions turn out to be bags containing materials she uses to transform the sofa into a machine that maybe conducts the search for seductive powers in a language we don’t understand. Instead of cozy cushions, sheets of glass are laid out on the sofas seat, with bags resting on them that are than gradually filled with water. When the weight of the water causes the glass to shatter, the performance reaches its end.


About the Artist
Christine Overvad Hansen studied at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen. Her work moves in the intersections of sculpture, installation and performance, with particular focus on mechanical movement. For Hitparaden 2 she contributed “In Search of Seductive Powers”, a performance in which a social situation is restructured until eventually it is taken over by the very materials it consists of. Christine is represented by Gether Contemporary in Copenhagen.

Find out more about Christine’s work on her website.

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