Mark Boombastik

Works for Live Art Danmark
2014 Concert and performance “Teotwawki” at Hitparaden 2

What could you possibly say about a concert by Mark Boombastik? He is the only experimental beat boxer we know. Listen, learn and enjoy.

At Hitparaden 2, Mark also performed with Jörn J. Burmester and Florian Feigl in Teotwawki. The trio presented a dark performance about the prepper movement, exploring human behaviour under extreme circumstances with the means of performance art on a theatrical stage. The audience was hearded into a fenced of encampment, a large black wheel of fortune determined which catastrophes – from climate change to zombie apocalypse – would befall us on the day of the performance, and long walks were undertaken in search of food and equipment, intensified by dark electronic sounds and video collages produced by Mark.


Photo: Peter Lind

About the Artist
Mark is a singer, lyricist and musician, born 1978 in Hamburg’s notorious Schanzenviertel. He started doing human beatbox in the age of 12 after his acoustic guitar broke into pieces because somebody stepped on it during a party at his flat. Improving his technique and style Mark became the only human beatboxer of the experimental music scene. Through the years he worked with musicians form many different fields, from Hip Hop (Trainingslager, Fischmob etc) to experimental and electronic musicians (Hofoku Soshi, Funkstoerung, Patric Catani, Felix Kubin, Khan, Max Goldt), besides playing his own incredible live concerts all over Europe. „Since the whopper got stuck in the throats of the Fat Boys in the middle of the 80s, nobody ever created such a thunderstorm of fat beats of all colours with his mouth.“ Mark processes his very raw and tight beats with special analogue effects, allowing him to create his songs live. His pure intensity is equipped with an attitude that doesn‘t leave no doubts. His teeth are stroboscopes, his lips a million amps, his tongue a billion drum-rolls. Check it out while he is checking in.

Listen to Mark’s music on Soundcloud, or checkout his Facebook page.

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