Mark Boombastik


Photo: Peter Lind

MARK BOOMBASTIK – Singer, lyricist and musician born 1978 in Hamburgs notorious „Schanzenviertel“ – started doing Human-Beatbox in the age of 12 after his acoustic-guitar broke into pieces because somebody stepped on it during a party at his flat… Improving his technic and style Mark Boombastik became the only human beatboxer of the experimental music scene. Through the years he worked with a lot of different people, from hip hop (Trainingslager,Fischmob etc) to experimental and elec- tronic musicians (Hofoku Soshi, Funkstoerung, Patric Catani, Felix Kubin, Khan,Max Goldt) besides doing his own incredible live concerts all over Europe. „Since the whopper got stock in the throats of the Fat Boys in the middle of the 80s,nobody ever crea- ted such a thunderstorm of fat beats of all colours with his mouth.“ Mark Boombastik puts his very raw and tight beats through special analogic effects so that he creates his songs live. His pure intensity is equipped with an attitude that doesn‘t leave no doubts. Meanwhile Mark Boombastik lives in Berlin and Hamburg and is recording his Solo Album. His teeth are stroboscopes, his lips a million amps, his tongue a billion drum-rolls. Check it out while he is checking in.

Mark Boombastik performed solo at Hitparaden 2

And he performed live with Jörn J. Burmester and Florian Feigl in a performance called “TEOTWAWKI”.

Om liveart_dk blev grundlagt i 2004 for at udvikle miljøet for live art og performancekunst i Danmark igennem nytænkende koncepter og projekter. Siden 2004 har organiseret 10 store internationale festivals for børn og voksne, og over 40 andre events – Samtalekøkkener, bogudgivelser, video serier, symposier, residenser og mere indenfor kunst, kritik og dokumentation.