Works with Live Art Denmark
2013 Performance Lecture at Samtalekøkken
2016 “Open Music Workshop” by Goodiepal og Venner at Live Art for Børn 3
2017 “Write a letter to Goodiepal & Pal’s Friends” at Live Art for Børn 4
2020 “Trancedance” and “Widerstandstanz” (Resistance Dance) at Live Art für Kinder at Kampnagel, Hamburg/Germany
2021 “Trancedance” audience remake edition for “Playing Up – Nordic Edition
2022 “Intergenerational Art” at Friisland opening
2023 “Bananskolen: Danseskolens sublime Parfumer” at Live Art for Børn 10.

Performance Lecture
Goodiepal gave the following performance lecture about his work at our Samtalekøkken at Kunsthal Nikolaj in March 2013:

Open Music Workshop
With his band Goodiepal & Pals, Goodiepal invited audience members of all ages to come and play in an open musical playgroup at our festival Live Art for Børn 2016. The musicians interpreted the children’s movements and their drawings as graphic and animated notation scores. In this way, the young visitors became very avant garde composers. The video below was filmed as part of our VR Archive of Performance Art with a 360° Camera.

Write a letter to Goodiepal & Pal’s Friends
At Live Art for Børn 2017, in Theater S/H in Copenhagen, Goodiepal & Pals presented “Write a letter to Goodiepal & Pal’s Friends”. Goodiepal & Pals friends were refugees who were stranded in Serbia at the time, trying to make their way into the European Union. The aim of the project was to support them. The installation invited children and adults to write letters with a question to them. Goodiepal & Pals recorded the answers and mailed them back. Here is an example of one such exchange:

By using the soundcloud link below you can listen to a mix based on all the questions that were mailed to the refugees and all the answers they gave to to them.

The installation looked like this:

We brought Goodiepal to Germany in 2020 for our event Live Art für Kinder at Kampnagel culture center in Hamburg. There, he created Modstandsdance, dance of resistance, or Trance Dance together with Aktivistkoret. Each step of the dance represented a statement of democratic protest, reflecting different political issues of the day.

The video below presents the Danish version of “Resistance Dance”. Additional documentary material can be found here.

Playing Up – Nordic Edition
For the Nordic edition of our long term audience participation project “Playing Up”, that invites audiences to reenact performances from the past, this card was created. It contains a description of the original work and instructions for the reenactment.

Intergenerational Art
Goodiepal presented his manifesto on intergenerational art as a part of the performance program for the opening of our project space Friisland. As an example for the rapid changing of the times he presented a part of his personal CD collection, the collected works of DAD aka D·A·D, D:A:D and D-A-D, an obscure Danish band from the 1980s, whose work has been described as “meldodic heavy rock”. The name DAD does not refer to anyone’s father, but to the band’s original name, Disneyland After Dark, which had to be abandoned when Disney corp. threatened them with a law suit. Laying out the CDs with their interestingly designed covers on the floor next to him and wielding a mandolin, the audience became witnesses to an improvised meandering speech, demonstrating the descent into obscurity of technologies, styles and sounds.

Bananskolen is a pop up art school that pops up in different places and situations to teach and learn a range of knowledge, often based on collective musical or rhythmical exercises. Everyone can be a teacher and everyone can be a student in Bananskolen. Bananskolen was initiated by Goodiepal several years ago, but has since become an institution in its own right, and therefore has its own page elsewhere on this site, where you will find more about their contribution to Live Art for Kids 2023.

About the Artist
Goodiepal or Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen, whose real name is Parl Kristian Bjørn Vester, is a Danish/Faroese experimental electronic musician, performance artist, composer and lecturer, although he has also been described as a horologist. His work discusses the future of computer music, his own compositional practices and resonance computing, and in the past his own idea of Radical Computer Music. His tours have included 150 universities internationally.

More information about Goodiepal can be found here and on Wikipedia.

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