Helena Hei-Sook Park

Work for Live Art Denmark
2010: “Slagter Grøntsager” at Samtalekøkken

Slagter Grøntsager
It is a cold November night in Copenhagen’s notorious Kødbyen. A figure clad in dark fur commits a brutal murder. The victims are several heads of cabbage and a large pumpkin, masacred and shredded to bits with an impressive arsenal of knifes and cleavers. The pumpkin even gets infused with tomato pulp blood before its demise to make the spectacle more gorey. All the bits and pieces land in a large cook pot and are transformed into a delicious soup which is then served by the artist to the slightly befuddled audience members.

About the Artist
Helena Hei-Sook Park works with everyday objects and actions, primarily from the context of household and kitchen. They serve her as fields of documentation and a frame to investigate how things and chores are normally performed. In the performances she generates from her observations, she likes to discover the absurd elements of the ordinary. Which leads to the question if our conception of rationality is irrational.

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Om liveart_dk

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