Jane Jin Kaisen

Work with Live Art Danmark
2012 “A Bedtime Story” at Samtalekøkken

A Bedtime Story
Jane Jin Kaisen performed “A Bedtime Story” at Samtalekøkkenet in December 2012. Calmly speaking to her own infant child who she carried around wrapped in a blanket, she told the story of her own motherhood, including the practical challenges it came with. She talked at length about the difficulty of finding a place in daycare for her child, worrying about finding the best possible one, and many other issues that come with becoming and being a parent. The entire story is narrated in the third person, giving it a distanced, almost fairy tale like quality.

About the Artist
Jane Jin Kaisen is a visual artist born in Jeju Island, South Korea and adopted to Denmark in 1980. She is based in Berlin and Copenhagen.

Working with video installation, film, photography, performance, and text, Kaisen’s artistic practice is informed by extensive interdisciplinary research and engagement with diverse communities. Recurring themes involve memory, migration, and translation at the intersection of personal and collective histories. Through non-linear layered montages of image, sound, voice, and archive, she creates distinct modes of storytelling that gesture towards sites of emergence and embodied memories that linger at the margins of the seen and the said.

Mopre of Jane Jin Kaisen’s work can be found on her webpage, some general information is on Wikipedia.

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