Oreet Ashery (UK)

Oreet Ashery Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 Artist’s presentation at Samtalekøkken Artist’s Presentation Oreet, born in Israel, educated and living in the United Kingdom, gave a slide lecture about her work. At the time, she focused on photos of herself taking on male identities, in particular those of orthodox jewish men. In the images, the artist is almost unrecognizable, using intricate hair, beard, costume and make up to perfect the transformation into the other one. In her lecture, in the video below, we hear her speak about her relationship to Israel and the complexities of her images that produce a tension between her own female body and pespective on […]

Open Source Food

Open Source Food Work for Live Art Danmark 2011 Presentation of the group’s work and dinner at Samtalekøkken Group Presentation What better guests for our series of performance events Samtalekøkken than Open Source Food, who – like us in our performance community building project – combine art, social engagement and excellent cooking in their work. In April 2011, members of the group presented their practices including foraging and political activism, and they served a delicious meal to the audience. About the Artists Open Source Food was initiated by André Amtoft (DK/US) and Arendse Krabbe (DK/FR) in 2010. Both work within various collaborative and interdisciplinary constellations. They engage a wide variety […]

Open Dialogues (UK)

Mary Paterson Works for Live Art Danmark 2011 Presentation of “Open Dialogues” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Critics & Cocktails” and NOTA performance Open Dialogues Writers, critics and directors Mary Paterson and Rachel Louis Clapham jointly founded the writing collaboration “Open Dialogues – critical writing on and as performance”, which produces writing on and as performance. Mary was our guest for the first time in February 2011, when she presented their work and general approach to performance art and writing at Samtalekøkken. Critics & Cocktails In 2014 we invited Mary back to Copenhagen for a residency. During her time here, she curated the “Critics & Cocktails” symposium at Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst. […]

On Air (US/DE)

On Air Work for Live Art Danmark 2007 “Hotel Radio” at Berliner Luft 3. Hotel Radio In a certain hotel plans were made to broadcast, from a tower on the roof of the hotel. Radio broadcasts. The name of this hotel was the Hotel Radio. Richard Foremann Hotel Radio is presented as quasi “talk radio”. Sequences vary from quiz shows to phone-ins, on topics ranging from garbage to duck hunting. Fast switching between segments, technical confusion, interruptions, and silence create extreme changes in the atmosphere of the piece. Hotel Radio observes a single person in a game with different communication and information systems, and documents the loneliness which lies beneath. […]

Olof Olsson (S/DK)

Olof Olsson Works for Live Art Danmark 2012 “The History of Disco” at Samtalekøkken 2013 “Driving the Blues Away” at Hitparaden 1 2014 “1864/1946” for Now and Again 2015 “Driving the Blues Away” at Kulstof 15 The History of Disco After playing music for about half an hour, placing an order of drinks (black coffee and Club Mate) through an audience member, chatting with that audience member for a while, as well as digressions about travelling, psychoanalysis and Venezolean bank machine frauds, Olof begins his performance lecture at around minute 52. He begins it not by talking about Disco, but by talking about the Swing Kids, an oppositional movement of […]

Nicole Garneau (US)

Nicole Garneau Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 “Uprising” at Salon Saloon Uprising Nicole travelled large parts of Europe with her performance series Uprising, which aims to spread and rehearse revolutionary practices. In April 2012 she visited us in our livingroom to be part of our performance salon Salon Saloon. In this particular version of Uprising, Nicole talked about a textile workers strike in the United States in the 19th century, and made all participants study the labels of their clothes to find out where they had been made to make a connection to the present day. In the garment industry, we learned, working conditions are still poor in many […]

Nielsen (DK)

Nielsen Works at Live Art Danmark 2010: Live Review of Nielsen’s “Funus Imaginarium” by Trine Ross at Samtalekøkken 2012: Panelist on Live Reviewing at Samtalekøkken Funus Imaginarium At Samtalekøkken in November 2010, critic Trine Ross from the Danish daily newspaper Politiken gave a live review of “Funus Imaginarium”. In this happening by “Das Beckwerk”, one of Nielsen’s former artistic incarnations, the human being, state citizen and artist Claus Beck-Nielsen was declared dead and buried. “Das Beckwerk“ ceased to exist a few months later after 100 days of mourning. Exactly one year later, on the 17th of January 2012, the artist was resurrected and christened “Nielsen” in the former church, Nikolaj […]

Nilas Dumstrei (DK)

Nilas Dumstrei Works for Live Art Danmark 2013 “Strømmed af ord” at Alt_Cph 13 2019 Co-Designer of Art-LARP “Mundane Heroics” 2021 “Life” at Live Art for Børn, Festuge Aalborg. Strømmed af ord The title of this very short performance might be translated as “Flooded by words”, but no words are spoken throughout it, although it is announced as a investigation of the origin of all those words that flow out of us in a permanent trance like stream. We see Nilas drawing a couple of egg shapes onto the concrete floor of the venue with white chalk and, after contemplating them for a short while, swallow the chalk and wash […]

Noah Holtwiesche (DE)

Noah Holtwiesche Works for Live Art Denmark2007 “Signifying Nothing” at Berliner Luft 32014 “Aibi/Alias” at Samtalekøkken, Inkonst Malmö Signifying NothingStanding close to his audience in a small basement room, after a lengthy introduction in which he explains the title (referring to the number zero), Noah informs the audience about his aim to establish an energy flow between them and a piece of steel, and what to do to end the performance. Noah then ceremoniously takes of his suitcoat, hangs it up, and leaves through the door behind him. Through the door he left open we see him in the next room, where he repeatedly lifts a length of steel beam […]

Molly Haslund (DK)

Molly Haslund Works for Live Art Danmark 2010 Presentation of Lone Twin Theatre at Samtalekøkken, with Gary Winters 2011 “I went into a bar” at Samtalekøkken 2015 “Spoon Ball” at Live Art for Kids 2 Lone Twin For Samtalekøkken in November 2010, Molly Haslund performed with Gary Winters from the Lone Twin performance and theatre group. While Gary gave a performance lecture about the beginnings and work of Lone Twin, Molly provided soundtracks to some video examples on her Ukulele. She also was a member of Lone Twin Theatre, and in the second part of the presentation, she and Gary gave an example of what their first piece looked like […]