Nicole Garneau

Work for Live Art Danmark
2012 “Uprising” at Salon Saloon

Nicole travelled large parts of Europe with her performance series Uprising, which aims to spread and rehearse revolutionary practices. In April 2012 she visited us in our livingroom to be part of our performance salon Salon Saloon. In this particular version of Uprising, Nicole talked about a textile workers strike in the United States in the 19th century, and made all participants study the labels of their clothes to find out where they had been made to make a connection to the present day. In the garment industry, we learned, working conditions are still poor in many parts of the world. A piece of good old Agit Prop.

About the Artist
Nicole Garneau is an interdisciplinary artist making site-specific performance and project art that is directly political, critically conscious, and community building. Originally from Chicago, she has been semi-nomadic since 2012. Her book Performing Revolutionary: Art, Action, Activism was published in Spring 2018 by Intellect. Performing Revolutionary was written in response to the UPRISING project, five years of monthly outdoor performances exploring revolutionary practices.

Her website is here.

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