Molly Haslund

Works for Live Art Danmark
2010 Presentation of Lone Twin Theatre at Samtalekøkken, with Gary Winters
2011 “I went into a bar” at Samtalekøkken
2015 “Spoon Ball” at Live Art for Kids 2

Lone Twin
For Samtalekøkken in November 2010, Molly Haslund performed with Gary Winters from the Lone Twin performance and theatre group. While Gary gave a performance lecture about the beginnings and work of Lone Twin, Molly provided soundtracks to some video examples on her Ukulele. She also was a member of Lone Twin Theatre, and in the second part of the presentation, she and Gary gave an example of what their first piece looked like by playing a video shot from a weird angle, above the actors, while Molly speaks the text that was used in the performance. This part is in the second part of the video, which can be found here, and begins at around minute 4:00.

I Went Into a Bar
For Samtalekøkken in May 2011, Molly Haslund performed: “I went into a Bar”. What sounds like the opening line of a joke actually is one. This performance is an elaborate joke. Molly describes a bar scene in Glasgow, ending with: “What I heard around me sounded like this”. She then sings a medley of Beatles songs, accompanying herself on the ukulele.  In each song, one or two words of the chorus are replaced by a hearty “fuck”, like in “I want to fuck your hand”. Part two is a repetition of the part one, with the bar this time situated in Copenhagen and the fucked up original songs by Abba.

Spoon Ball
For Live Art for Kids 2015, she presented “Spoon Ball”, a game of her own invention, where balls are moved, caught and hit with giant spoons.

About the Artist
Molly holds a master’s degree from The Royal Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen, and a master’s degree from the Glasgow School of Art, United Kingdom. Since she graduated in 2005, she has shown performance-, sculpture-, socially engaging-, and movement based works. She has exhibited and performed extensively, both in Denmark and abroad, including Glasgow, London, Berlin, Munich, New York, Philadelphia and Kyoto.

Molly operates in the intersection between sculpture and performance art, integrating elements from pop culture, performing arts, literature and music into a multifaceted artistic practice. Through various strategies, her work explores how ideas, identities and social hierarchies are intimately connected with, and continuously negotiated through bodily gestures, rituals, social designs and arrangements of our physical surroundings. In her performances, she occasionally integrates text and short narratives, often with a humorous twist.

More about Molly’s work on her website.

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