Childhood and adolescence is a time, where written and unwritten rules are being learned – around the table, in the school, with friends, at sports, in the traffic and in society as such.

Live Art for Children 2019 thematized “rules” and laws in many ways, and whether they could be different. Can the youngest generation rewrite the rules of the game?

The theme of this festival was children and young people as active and equal collaborators in art works. Collaboration is a thing in the art world in the moment, but how do spectators become participants? First of all, it requires a knowledge of the rules.

In Stine Marie Jakobsens ”Law Shifters” teenagers are invited into an exciting experiment where they will collaborate with a local lawyer in reconstructing an actual historical case. The real verdict is not revealed until the last moment. A “normal” audience of onlookers is also very welcome in this court.

In ”Beastie” by the group ”Lone Twin”, kids in the age 6-10 years old are being offered a big furry monster. They have to name it and give it a story and a background. How does it eat, sleep, mate? Finally, they can take the monster for a walk outside.

Every game has rules. Laws decribe the limits of society, zoologi the structures that determine the life of an animal. But could they be different? Could the case in “Law Shifters” have another verdict? Will “Beastie eat kids or flowers? A transgenerational audience is invited to play with us and to explore the rules, limits and possibilities of the game.

As a part of the festival, you can follow an online seminar with five international artists and their young collaborators here. The young and older interviewees discuss what they can learn from eachothers and across barriers of age and agendas.

Watch the full performance here. Klik!

LARP – live action role-playing – “as a solution to the longstanding issues of how to make ‘participatory’ art actually participatory”

Kristoffer Ørum / Nilas Dumstrei: Mundane Heroics.


Johannes Deimling: One Day I will make the onion cry.
Kosmologym with Probaball

David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo presented his participatory performance FOODJ.

And finally, we showed our very own Virak Revue, which has its own page here.